KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Free eBooks comin’ at you, chef-favorite restaurants to put on your must-visit lists, and the closest thing to adding an in-store sales staff to treat your online customers right… If you can’t beat the summer heat, join us for the KillerStartups Roundup, where everyone sweltering under the startup spotlight looks much, much cooler.




(Pro tip to avoid overheating: no selfies near the bison!)


Killer Startups

  • Last minute hotel deals have caught fire recently, but deals for advance planners? Not so much. Hotel Suite helps bookers find all the best available deals and adds a service touch that’s far sweeter than any mint on your pillow – hassle-free booking.
  • For those who need guidance deciding what to have for dinner, but also find the number of options some apps offer merely second helpings of despair, KptnCook serves up perfect portions of assistance.
  • Parents agonize over finding the right people to look after their kids. It’s one of those laws of nature… that Trusted is going to amend. Sorry kiddos, you will be under the covers at your normal bedtime.
  • BookFusion gives readers killer book recommendations and hooks them up with free eBooks. Diiiiiid you catch that? Free f*#$!n’ eBooks!


Living the Startup Life

  • Wouldn’t it be great if David Sedaris penned a Me Talk Code Pretty One Day? Until that dream comes true, Silicon Valley Dictionary gives startup peeps and those looking to talk the talk a fabulous read.
  • No matter how sophisticated the algorithms, online dating is… miserable. Unless a company takes care of the basics.
  • No one knows the ins ands outs of restaurant scenes better than chefs. For foodies, the recommendations of chefs are gospels. And this app is collecting the new testament.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • What’s due for a comeback in the online chat experience these days? Randomness probably doesn’t come to mind first, buuuut, stranger things have happened. Hence, Strangerbot.
  • Almost everyone who works in startups anymore comes up against the difficulty of keeping the hours straight in different timezones. Here’s a simple way to avoid gaffes (and face-palm bruises after tragic math fails).
  • It’s so easy for the customer to pop into an online store and find nothing that resembles a brick-and-mortar experience. Not a victory. Theres’s no reason not to provide the best of both worlds – modern internet conveniences and classic salesperson engagement.


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