KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Mom knows best. Period. Startup livin’ is no exception to this rule. Doesn’t matter if she’s never heard of TechCrunch or Slack or even a startup before – her word is still the gold standard. As one company demonstrates both hilariously and astutely this week, knowing if Mom understands your business is essential validation.


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Just don’t expect hugs and kisses or to hear “good job, sweetheart.” (How’s that? Did we tell it straight enough for ‘ya Ma in the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup?)


Killer Startups

  • Tired of needing to master different tools to manage your personal and professional lives? Ribose is a flexible collaboration tool that doesn’t care what you need it for, it just wants to make interaction easy.
  • For lots of families, summertime = road trip. Roadtrippers helps put together the ideal cross-country adventure for anyone.
  • Most of us are much better at planning our dream trips than we are at calculating the budget for our travels. GlobeWhere helps plot everything from where you should go to where you should stay, and displays beautiful photographs that will induce travel delirium.
  • WhereDat ensures you’ll never have to wonder where something is on your Android device again. Find everything from contacts to web pages visited (as iPhone users have been accustomed to doing with Spotlight Search) – without ever leaving the home screen.


Living the Startup Life

  • Can’t get enough of listening to startup pitches? Ready to pitch your company to anyone and everyone willing to listen? Then the podcast The Pitch is the perfect listen for you.
  • Remember when lunch was a meal taken approximately mid-work day – away from the desk? AWAY from the desk. There’s a way to make it happen again, efficiently and deliciously. Just ask yourself if you’re Allset.
  • It only takes a few minutes of really trying to visualize your dream life to put goals in sight and to begin actually reaching them. Start designing your perfect life now!


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Forget what the investors think. Would your mom be able to understand your website? If you plan on having any users, this is the first question you should try to answer. Have your site reviewed by Mom.
  • Your dev team might be spread all over the globe, but that doesn’t mean progress should be hard to track. Keep status and communication up to speed with a handy little assistant, Scrumbot.
  • Email and text marketing. Startups need them, but often lack the resources to pay for them or the time for DIY solutions. There is another option. And it’s free!


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