KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

There’s just no holding some forces down. Click the locks in place, throw dirt over the coffin, and, like the famous Houdini, they’ll find a way to accomplish the seemingly impossible and astonish us all. The Affordable Care Act pulled off such a stunt this week with another unexpected ruling from the Supreme Court. These feats can be managed anywhere determination thrives. And here in the KillerStartups roundup, one—maybe ten—showmen and escape artists are about to slip the boxes that they willingly placed themselves inside. No illusions required!


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Killer Startups

  • Anyone else grind her teeth at night because of all the money spent on insurance that will never come back (until dentistry is finally included in most plans)? Givesurance will relax your jaws, redirecting a potion of monthly payments—previously headed to brokers—to charity.
  • Travelindicator gives travelers a fun and easy way to come up with new ideas, as well as a quick and painless way to research destinations. You should probably put the suitcase far away (or close!) before you take a look.
  • If keeping a wardrobe in style challenges your wits and budget, then you need to try on the fashion(able) subscription box service Stitch Fix, immediately.
  • Photos, friends, drinks. Is there a more surefire trifecta out there? Hoptomistic has brewed up a social networking app bound to make people hoppy.


Living the Startup Life

  • On pace to rival the population of China—ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but this group is growing extremely fast—digital nomads have reached the point where they need an information source to call their own. This startup delivers.
  • Startups make so many things possible, which is a good thing since most of us have too many things on our plate on a routine basis. Latest universal dream made real: your very own (free!) personal assistant.
  • Speaking of dreams come true, every child wants to do something that parents have always pulled their hair out trying to keep them from doing. Until now. Hint: it starts with play and involves yummy things.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • When actors want work, who finds it for them? Agents. Well, why the hell don’t the rest of us in a zillion other industries have similar help? Pass the job search—I should say, text the job search—along to Miley.
  • A natural, real, and active following on Twitter. Growing a community doesn’t need to be a stressful or exhausting process. TweetPilot offers a simple tool for connecting with all the right people.
  • It may not sound sexy, but rest assured that “graph database” will be a buzzword soon. It’s big data’s best friend, and it’s going to have remarkable stories to tell.


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