KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Margaritas not part of the plans this weekend, busy busy startup friends? Perhaps after connecting your cloud services in one place, figuring out what’s for dinner all week in no time at all, and discovering a coworking space that will make life so much better (just for starters), you’ll find yourself slicing limes after all. Just in time, it’s the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


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Killer Startups

  • Tired of feeling like a puppeteer working across different cloud services? Agora will place your clouds on one simple string.
  • Camyam gives photographers the chance to set up or attend workshops anywhere in the world. Get out of the darkroom and go see the globe!
  • Plans? Plans are the snail mail version of figuring out what to do. Jump into immediate action with StartsNow.
  • People inclined to give to charity deserve to have hassles taken out of the process so that they’re encouraged to give freely. Catapultian is a thoughtful platform that helps both charitable organizations and philanthropists do their good work more proficiently.


Living the Startup Life

  • Somewhere, somehow, chances are good that the things you’d like to buy online will become available below the listed price – but who has the time to keep on eye out for such deals? Yellowbag that’s who.
  • If you’re about to dump cooking dinner into that category of things I used to do when I had more time, check out CookBrite. Go from just thinking about planning a meal to dinner on the table with a few swipes of the phone.
  • “I wish we’d met sooner.” If you’ve ever met someone while traveling and had this thought, then you’ll appreciate a tool that lets you “bump” into the right people before you step out the front door.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Every blogger aspires to be on top – if not in front of – trending news, which is not an easy task for anyone. Buuut, it’s much more doable thanks to Trigger.
  • Tweets are like clues on a treasure hunt that can lead startups to bloggers that would have interest in writing about them. Here’s how startups can skip the hunt and go straight to the X marking the spot.
  • No telling how much better life might become for the digital nomad by discovering coworking spaces nearby or by scoping out spots available in potential destinations. Nomads should consider joining the Copass community without delay.


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