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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Good grief, you’d think nothing else had happened in the world besides the resignation of the recently re-elected president of FIFA (the most corrupt governing body in sports) by the looks of most media channels. Tempting as the promise of soon-to-be revealed secrets and more Blatter jokes may be, we’re happy to refresh your weekend reading material with a new slate of head-turning startups that cracked the KillerStartups homepage this week…



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Killer Startups

  • Been disappointed with video chat? Wishing it could do more, be easier to work with? Rounds isn’t a genie, because it will grant those three wishes and many more.
  • You would think that technology would make it possible to have free access to investment advice that’s both safe and gives those who know nothing a way to begin. And you would be right. WiseBanyan.
  • TenantLoop evicts hassles from communication between landlords and tenants. You’ll want your building to introduce this app immediately.
  • Lower commission fees and no problems finding the right real estate agent. This startup is no ugly duckling. feeDuck will blow home sellers away.


Living the Startup Life

  • If your efforts to connect with top influencers have been all over the place and you’re still not meeting the people whose brains you’d love to pick, here’s how 30 minutes might change your life.
  • What will nudge potential first time Bitcoin buyers off the fence? An easy-to-use, peer-to-peer marketplace, a chance to ditch unfair banking systems?
  • Products, restaurants, people committed to natural living. It might seem as though they’re scattered everywhere, but now there’s one place online to find them all.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Some say searching through emails is the worst. Some say it’s the wuuuuurst. Everyone hates it. Time for a new approach to handling team emails.
  • Every online content creator knows that you can never ever ever have enough high-quality stock photos at your disposal. Even the best sources grow stale with overuse. Try refreshing those pixels with Pexels.
  • Any easy way for us all to make the Internet safer when making purchases: a reliable rating system for websites. How should it look? Hint: bright and pointed.


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