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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

David Letterman’s long goodbye reached its conclusion, while the President said hello to Twitter. The oldest stone tools ever discovered – 3.3 million years old – were found in Kenya, while the newest… No need to say where they turned up. But, just in case you didn’t catch them all earlier, the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup has your back.





Killer Startups

  • Does your afternoon agenda include a meeting to schedule a meeting to discuss simplifying the scheduling of meetings? The back and forth required to arrange meetings is often ridiculous. Meet by Sunrise puts a stop to the nonsense.
  • Slemma is a browser-based tool for creating graphics. Make data look pretty for clients without breaking your work stride.
  • Local, organic, sustainable… Wanna know what it looks like where you live, or anywhere else for that matter? Agrilicious serves up a mouth-watering look at all things local.
  • We know what a concert lit by flickering lighters looks like. How about a city aglow with BeerLamp? Unofficially sponsored by Homer Simpson, this app will have us saying: “Mmm… coordinating meetups.”


Living the Startup Life

  • The models and makes change, but car ownership hasn’t had tune up in way too long. Get ready for an entirely new approach to having wheels.
  • Prepare yourself for the most outlandish news you’ll hear all week. There is a business online that specializes in, wait for it – modesty. It’s stunningly reserved.
  • There are quite enough sneakers in the world bearing a certain corporate swoosh logo. Time for artists and entrepreneurs to take back the canvases wrapped around our feet. Go, BucketFeet.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Unsure of what your readers really want? Now, even bloggers can easily create surveys with the right (free!) tools. Quick surveys + great data = 0 excuses for not collecting customer feedback.
  • You’ve tried everything. You just can’t help but fritter away time on sites unrelated to work. There is hope. You won’t like it, and that’s why it will work.
  • In case those interested in building awareness for their projects or businesses haven’t noticed, instant gratification goes a looooooong way. If you want people to talk you up, consider handling rewards like this.


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