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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Reversing climate change, learning a new language after the age of 40, growing a company from nothing to NASDAQ darling, reformatting your resume…



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One of these challenges does not belong among the other unbelievably difficult undertakings. And thanks to an ingenious company that showed up on the KillerStartups radar, we can cross it off the list. Still unsure as to which item should go? Wait a second, maybe we can toss out the entire list after a recap of this week’s startup finds…


Killer Startups

  • Home cooked and healthy meals. No, they’re not going the way of cassette tapes and top hats. They’re coming to your doorstep, portioned out, prepared, and easy to cook, thanks to subscription service HelloFresh.
  • It’s soooooo frustrating to be charged for a recurring payment that you’d completely forgotten about. Saverize ensures you’re never caught blindsided again.
  • Right Casino makes sure that players looking for an online casino are flush with the best options, faster than a Vegas dealer. Seriously, it’s fast.
  • Test your knowledge – your ability to horde otherwise random and useless information, maybe even your compatibility with another trivia buff… with mobile app QuizUp.


Living the Startup Life

  • A hoodie? Are you kidding? Contrary to what popular media would have budding entrepreneurs believe, Sunday morning hangover attire does not impress investors. Want your startup to look good? Well, founders, you should look sharp too.
  • Umm, sorry, but there is no prize for exerting yourself beyond the breaking point. No one is keeping score of who can go the longest while eating the worst and doing without sleep or exercise. Here’s a thought: make it easier to eat healthy and stay fit. See if that doesn’t also make work life more satisfying.
  • Need furniture for the house or for the startup office (maybe they’re one in the same), but working on a lean budget? This startup has the ticket to affordable, quality comfort.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Something has clearly gone wrong when a customer arrives on an error page. Don’t double down on their frustration with an ugly error screen. Use this moment as an unusual opportunity to win people over.
  • Need high-end creative professionals for a job, but don’t have the time or patience to endure an exhaustive search? Try a smart service that pairs talent with projects.
  • If you had a nickel for every minute you’ve spent reformatting your resume… you may very well be rich by now, but you’d probably still rather have had one resume that works online anywhere. And now you can have it.


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