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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Sorry, but a ping pong table just isn’t the way to differentiate yourself from other companies any longer. Want to lure the best talent to work at your startup with outlandish perks? How ‘bout bringing the PRIMA Cinema into the office, so employees can privately watch first-run movies the day of release? What’s a mere entry fee of $40K for the the team to bond over watching Fast & Furious 7?







Gulp. Good thing plenty of us still love simple pleasures like tea, not scrambling for battery power, and healthy viral content competition – among the week’s finer things you’ll find on KillerStartups. 14-11, your serve…


Killer Startups

  • There’s an app for doing pretty much everything under the sun with a photo, but with 1/2 a photo? WeSnap: it’s a half-step faster than the others at being quick and fun.
  • Who hasn’t wanted to dress like their favorite characters on TV? WornOnTV makes things super easy for tracking down clothes you spot on the tube.
  • Teabox has brewed up a winning subscription service, delivering India’s fresh teas to your doorstep. Is that amazing fragrance in the air jasmine or a fresh $6M in funding?
  • Cuckuu gives new life to the term “social calendar.” Never dread your alarm clock alone again, and “turn your schedule into a social adventure.”


Living the Startup Life

  • 2 mobile devices + 2 power chargers + 2 dead batteries = 0 work done. Something is very wrong with this familiar equation. Fix the bad math with an incredible portable charger.
  • Those were the days – when a photo was an unalterable record of a moment frozen in time. Get your fill of nostalgia by turning your iPhone into a disposable camera. No, you don’t have to throw out your phone.
  • Find the music you hear in YouTube videos in the credits… Yeah, right, as if anyone has the patience for that or the info can even be found there. Here’s a better way to play name that tune.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • We do business with the LinkedIn that we have rather than the LinkedIn we’d like to have… unless we have a messenger app that helps us connect with contacts through the platform much better than the platform itself. Really, the logic is simple…
  • Referrals, done right from the beginning, startup-style. It’s the only way to go.
  • Just as atmospheric readings can tell the story behind a lightening strike, data can help us to understand viral content hits. Oh, yes, virality can be measured. Wanna know your scores?


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