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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Still trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not since April Fools’ Day? You can rest your shaking head here on KillerStartups, friends. Well, maybe not, but at least your disbelief will be caused once again by straight-up amazing companies, fabulous startup tools & tips…




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Killer Startups

  • Walking the streets of NYC. Doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with strolling the ever-changing city (…should be on everyone’s bucket list!), Urban Walks manages to make exploring on foot even better.
  • TimeDock puts crews on the clock wherever a smartphone will travel. Heck yeah, you should take that contract in Antarctica.
  • Sharing content is key to maintaining a lively social media presence. DrumUp helps time-crunched media mavens stay active when short on reading time. Sharp!
  • What will poor Jared do? FreshRealm gives eating fresh a drastically different, amazing look.


Living the Startup Life

  • Whiteboard, whiteboard, blank wall, whiteboard, blank wall… enough! C’mon, startup friends, yes, even you, basement-bound entrepreneurs, you can decorate the office better than that.
  • So often the conversation concerning mentorship focuses on the benefits for the young padawan, but mentoring is great for the Jedi master as well. That’s not the dark side talking.
  • Don’t you just haute hoot gate – hate! – when your word processor makes writing more difficult? Time for a writing instrument built right for the digital age.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • For technology’s sake, put the phone down and shift your lead generation to autopilot. Only go to work after the hot leads fall into your lap.
  • A work management platform that doesn’t accommodate your workflow is like a river flowing up a mountain. Here’s a look at how to keep work moving in the right direction.
  • Where should you take your startup next? No need to put dart holes in your map. There’s a startup that has the answer for you.


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