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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Who needs things underlined in red, like “Targaryen”? Not George R.R. Martin, author of the books behind the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.



There’s something comforting about our old-school ways lingering on during the digital makeover of our world. People talking to one another in coffee shops, taking control of diets by counting calories, or reworking the gift registry so that our friends and family can give us a hand. See, we have gotten plenty right in the past! Here’s a KillerStartups nod to the companies this week that let us go on behaving like ourselves (if not a tad more efficiently and creatively).






Killer Startups

  • DrawAttention turns the back of laptops into digital whiteboards. Well, look at that, there are faces behind those screens. Good to see them again.
  • If fear of boredom keeps your from taking a break from the Internet, then truck over to Web OffRoad. This site takes the joy of going off the grid to a whole new level.
  • Player.Me. This social platform for the gaming community recently scored a $50,000 investment. More mobile fun for everyone!
  • People behaving decently online… anonymously? Talk about refreshing. Photo app Kiwipik will not need to worry about standing out in the crowd.


Living the Startup Life

  • Stop. Before you hit send, ask yourself if your emails are as polished and professional as they need to be. A quick, human edit will prevent cringeworthy mistakes and lost business.
  • It’s not just for kids, it’s not just for breakfast, but it is delicious and good for business. Grab a spoon, and discover why a cold bowl of cereal is so hot right now.
  • Energy lifted, lost weight kept off for good – counting calories sound exciting yet? There’s even more to cheer about…


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Finding a way to learn what your customers are thinking without being pushy or easy to ignore is a real challenge. Not all feedback requests should look alike. Here’s a tool to improve your interactions.
  • Like any newlyweds, you and your company need all the support you can muster after deciding to walk down the startup aisle. Try crowdfunding, gift registry style.
  • Keep the comments coming. Mobile-friendly forums and real-time commenting (that integrate beautifully with your site) are great tools for increasing engagement.


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