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Killer Secrets! Learn How To Get Your Traffic Up To 10,000 Hits A Day

What’s one of the top problems you face as a startup founder? It’s not the idea; that came to you a while ago. It’s not the execution; you’ve already made it look beautiful. So what, exactly, is it?



Your number one problem is, without a doubt, getting eyes on your website.

You need traffic if you’re going to succeed, regardless of what type of business you’re running. The thing is, that traffic is elusive. Figuring out your potential customer’s habits and current haunts and then figuring out how to get that necessary fraction of their attention over to your website is often an exercise in shooting in the dark.


You try one after another after another method until you either find one that works or accept that it’s never going to happen and move on. It’s a frustrating process and more than one startup founder has lost their way as they try to find the hook they’re searching for.




KillerStartups is all about helping you not get to the point where you have to give up on your dream. With that in mind, we’re super, super excited to introduce you to Sarah Chrisp, one of the owners of The Civilian.


Why should I care?

If you’re from the States, you may not have heard of The Civilian, but if you’re from New Zealand you very, very likely have because it’s one of the most popular websites over there, pulling in over 10,000 views a day.


And she did it all without any marketing or any of the usual social media tricks that you already know about.


Sarah Chrisp profile picture (1) edit


How did she do it?

While I want to tell you exactly how Sarah built the Civilian into one of the most popular sites in New Zealand, I thought it’d be better if I let her do it herself. That’s why I’ve invited Sarah to host an exclusive webinar for the KillerStartups community.


She’s been generous enough to offer her time on three different dates with two sessions daily – with the very first one taking place next Wednesday, November 20 -so you kind of don’t have an excuse not to check it out. Signing up takes a total of 30 seconds, max, so head over to our registration page and reserve your spot. We’re capping each webinar at 50 people to keep it intimate, so don’t procrastinate.


(I’m looking at you, Facebook addict.)


See you soon!


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John Liu | Sarah Chrisp

Author : Emma McGowan

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