Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

As your business grows, so do your customers. Pretty soon, your business may have to use a way to keep track of your customers and keep track of their activity on your site. How do businesses keep track of what their customers do on their sites?


Company websites should have a way to check customers’ traffic. Find a way to keep your customers coming back to the site from time after time.  Many companies send newsletters and countless… countless numbers of emails to keep you interested in the company. The emails keep you updated on the latest company news and sometimes send you perks like coupons. I know some companies may seem to go a bit overboard with customer satisfaction. If you can’t bear the countless emails, then you can generally opt out.



Opting Out And Opting In

Companies want to keep you coming back to their site daily. Opting in is one way to keep people coming back to their sites. Remember shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch and how the hot cashier chick at the counter rocking the UGG boots, slightly faded on the thighs jeans and a pink A&B shirt, asked you for your email address? You probably don’t remember because you were so into her. Well as soon as you gave her your email address you have opted-in. This means that A&F is allowed to send you emails pertaining to their company promotions and updates. Choosing to unsubscribe to these emails or opting out will allow you to never receive an email again from A&F.


Amazon Leads The Pack has been leading the way for customer satisfaction and customer return rates. Think about how many times you’ve visited Amazon in the past few days. Likewise think about the large stock of items that are sold on Amazon. Amazing right?


I’ve been using Amazon to buy a lot of different items, from turntable cases to books. If you noticed, Amazon will ask you about how your transactions went. There’s even a reliable money back guarantee option. These are two ways that will keep customers coming back.



Customer feedback is the option that I like most on Amazon. You can read what people say about whatever product you are buying, thus comparing and contrasting many items in the same category. Not only can you compare but also Amazon will have a list of  “related items,” which can help you tremendously.


I believe Amazon is the go-to website for many people that need mp3, mp3 players, books, etc.


Keeping customers glued to your site can be a tricky skill. Just as Amazon finds a way to keep their customers happy, you too can learn to keep consumers opting-in to your emails and coming back to your site day after day.


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