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Is A Facebook Business Page Worth The Time And Effort?

by Andrew Lisa



Every entrepreneur knows that social media marketing is one of the least expensive, most efficient ways to bring their startup out of the Dark Ages and into the online area where most business promotion and marketing is now being handled. Whether you sell teapots or help get car loans for bad credit applicants, you’re going to need to promote your business online.


But with a million social media outlets marketing their services to every startup and every entrepreneur with a PC, does a Facebook business page really carry the weight that it did when it was still the only game in town? If you look at the cost-benefit ratio, the answer is yes. Here is why a Facebook business page is still worth the time and effort.


A Facebook business page is still worth the time and effort.


Time and Effort – Minimized

A Facebook business page is super easy to set up and maintain. WordPress sites and Tumblr blogs are probably more comprehensive and customizable, but they also require more time on the front end and on daily upkeep. Not only doesn’t it require a lot of steps to get going, but the reality is, you probably already have a personal Facebook page, so the themes and schematics are intuitive to the point where the platform is almost second nature.


Sheer Volume

The reason it was presumed in the last section that you already have a personal Facebook page is because everybody has a Facebook page. Like, everybody. There are about seven billion people in the world – and more than one billion of them are Facebook subscribers. That’s one out of every seven human beings breathing air at this moment. Right now there is a guy in a wicker treehouse in a rainforest WHO’s reading this on Facebook.


If you’re casting a wide net, there is simply no other platform that comes close. The other top social media outlets combined couldn’t reach more potential customers than the still-reigning king of social media, Facebook.


Jack of All Trades

Twitter revolutionized microblogging, which limits characters. Its video platform, Vine, only allows tiny video fragments. Instagram is dominated by images, and Pinterest is digestible only in small chunks.


But Facebook for business – above all other networks – is still the greatest way to tell your business’s story in one complete page by merging basic text with pictures and videos in a single place. Your business’s history, mission, and personality can all be accurately portrayed here – a home base that doesn’t require constant tweaking and updating.


True Business Acumen

Facebook is not just the 800-pound gorilla on the block when it comes to social media – it’s a real, powerful business platform. The Facebook marketing page can pump updates into your news feed. Adjustable columns and customizable metrics make it easy, even for the novice, to calculate your return on investment. Facebook’s entire ad structure has recently undergone updates that streamlined the process of targeting your message.


There are a million avenues for marketing your business online, but Facebook is not obsolete.


When it comes to new-media marketing, entrepreneurs have more options than ever. But when it comes to social media, there is still Facebook and everybody else. The world is on Facebook, and if you want to be taken seriously, so must be your business page.


Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about social media promotion and online business marketing.


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