Instagram For Business – Could Instagram Be Your Startup’s Killer New Marketing Tool?

Although it’s just over two years old, Instagram has over 100 million users worldwide, so why not use it to creatively boost your startup brand in a dynamic and meaningful way? Used effectively, it’s a great way to grow sales while also connecting with your customers! Instagram for your business will be the next marketing trend.





Get Customers Involved

One of the best ways to use Instagram for business is to have your customers snap photos of themselves using your product in the office, the home, or out and about on the town. Give your customers a hashtag they can use when uploading the pic to Instagram and pow, you’ll see your customers sporting your brand in no time. #yourproduct


Remember, these action shots from the customer’s perspective can get really creative and it can add a new visual dynamic to your brand!

Get The Best Instagram Growth Services

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Your Team As Part Of Your Brand

Share photos of your team doing what they do best in your startup! Whether they’re coding away at their desk or making that killer coffee for the rest of the team, get a photo of team members hard at work and playing hard too. Those ping-pong championships are well deserving of photo opps as are laid back meetings as well as behind the scenes photos.


Don’t forget that the events in which your startup has a member presenting is also a good opportunity to snap some pics for uploading to Instagram.


The more you can humanize your startup to the public, the more likely they’re connect with your brand and vision!


The Product Itself

Be creative with the photos of your actual product. Don’t just put it on a table and then snap the photo. Look for great light, interesting angles, and interesting contexts in which to place it. Where do you envision your customers most using your product (the home, the office, airports, on the bus)?


If you have an app, then load it on a device and think about snapping a team member using it in public. Isolated shots of your app on a device can get pretty boring!


Remember that hashtags are very important. This way you’re able to connect all of the images identified with your brand to a particular marketing idea. If you’ve time, uploading one pic per day is an ideal way for customers to get excited about your brand.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to think of one creative photo per day. Just take some time and snap 5 to 10 great photos in one photo session. That way you can just upload them for the next 5 to 10 days!





In addition, you’ll want to link your Instagram campaign across your various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your blog. Once your customers realize that you’ve got a creative and engaging startup, they’ll want to come back for more.


Using Instagram for business can be a powerful marketing tool that’s much easier to harness than you think. So get out there get and snapping. Your customers and sales numbers will thank you for it!


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