Inspiration For Entrepreneurs – If You Want To Be Successful, Grow Up And Act Like A Kid Again


Minimum viable product, enterprise solutions, acquisitions, pivots, mobile platforms – the Internet startup universe is one complex, dynamic cosmos. Yet, for all the sophisticated technology, business intricacies, industry terminology, and adult dealings, what’s easy to overlook is how much an entrepreneur’s success depends upon the ability to behave like a kid.





Life Without Roadblocks

Running a startup is hard work, real hard if it doesn’t feel like fun. Kids have so much fun (apart from it being their main objective) because they approach puzzles and challenges as opportunities. Solving problems is fun! This mindset lets kids view the unfamiliar with both curiosity and wonder. The future? Barely exists in youth. So kids have no trouble focusing on immediate tasks and simply doing things before they inhibit themselves with worry over results.


Whether they’re conscious of it or not, entrepreneurs often become involved in projects because they see a kid’s adventure where others see headache and the likelihood of failure. Have you been staring into the mirror for too long without seeing that little boy or girl that’s still inside? Check out this video with inspiration for entrepreneurs from Inspower to tap back into your youthful genius:





Inspire + Empower

We all need help along our journeys. Sometimes it’s words of inspiration that give us strength, or encouragement from a colleague that renews our faith. Sometimes we need expert guidance and hands-on assistance to realize our vision. Whatever form of support will take you to the top, find it at From interviews and stories that will fuel passion to consultations and educational materials that will help achieve business goals, Inspower aims to both inspire you and empower you to fulfill your dreams.


Photo and Video Credits | Inspower