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Increase Conversion Rates On Your Website

If you have a website the ultimate goal is to get as much attention as is humanly possible. The attention you get will dictate how much revenue your site will generate through advertising or direct sales of your product or service. Getting attention however doesn’t translate to high or any conversion rate. Increasing your conversion rates takes a lot of trial and error, persistence and a website with great content, product and services.




What is a conversion and how does it affect the bottom line of your website? Simply put a conversion is an action the user takes in the form of a sale, signing-up, requesting information, viewing or listening to media and downloading a file. This action adds value to your website and it is based on qualified traffic . The value of the conversion rate can be calculated to determine if your Return on Investment (ROI) is worth all the effort.



Qualified traffic is classified as traffic with the likelihood of conversion. This type of traffic is generated by SEO, paid searches, affiliates, organic searches, social media and emails designed specifically to get a conversion or action on the part of the user.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is designed to compare two sets of WebPages or entire websites with slightly different sets of information to determine which one performs better. The test is performed with different samples and a control to tell apart which one achieves the best results. Based on the results the site with the right variable is chosen for a particular campaign or permanent application.


What are you Offering?

After you set up the technical requirement to achieve a better conversion rate the product you offer must provide some measurable value to the customer. The basis of great marketing has to include product, price, place and promotion known as the four Ps. If you achieve the right balance between the four Ps it can persuade your visitor to take the desired action.

Your Content

The content of your website will dictate how a user interacts with it, and if you don’t have the right information in an easy to digest format you will lose a lot of potential customers. As Bill Gates said “content is king” and if you don’t have high quality content with relevant information for the audience you are trying to address you are wasting your time. Put yourself in the user’s position and ask whether the content you are reading is fun to read, it is entertaining, compelling and provides you with valuable information. If you address all of these issues you have a better chance of achieving higher conversion rates.


Rich Media

Quality content doesn’t only mean great articles. You can have audio, video and images that speak to the subject you are addressing. These types of content generally engage the customer on a more personal basis, especially if you are delivering the message.



Keep SEO in Mind

Having your content optimized with SEO or Search Engine Optimization with keywords to drive organic traffic to your site has a better chance of a conversion rate. This is because the user is getting the information after searching for a specific subject. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to find the best words for your particular product or business. When you find the right keyword place them in the article with the right ratio as well as in the meta tags, permalinks, anchor text links and title tag using HTML.


You will find many companies offering internet marketing services online. The information you get will be conflicting and at times very confusing. What you have to do is find a reliable source and test different parameters until you find the best approach for your business to achieve high conversion rates.


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Author : Frank Griffin

Frank has been a soldier, a social worker and an insurance agent. Currently he spends his time volunteering and working for NGOs in third world countries, specifically Ethiopia. Writing lets his brain exercise and he loves tackling any subject. Frank enjoys visiting indigenous groups around the world and his goal is to visit as many of them as possible before they end up being tourist attractions.

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