5 Ways To Make Your Inbound Marketing Efforts More Effective

In order to enhance your inbound marketing efforts it is no longer sufficient to purely wait for the traffic to come to your site. You need to consistently enhance new methods and change tactics in order to sustain your online presence. Inbound marketing strategies contain an array of different aspects:


All of these are effective methods on how to increase traffic going towards your site. However, you need to consistently develop the way in which you implement the aspects above. In order to maximize the effectiveness of any marketing campaign and company needs goals and targets. What do you want to achieve? What is your budget? What’s the timescale?


Goals should include:

  • Lower your bounce rate
  • Increase a certain pages visits
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Gain more page viewings


Aims are created for long term targets. Altering objectives and tactics to achieve these targets will help make them possible. For example, lowering the bounce rate could be achieved by more engaging content and a higher quality website.


1. Optimize Your Site

Search Engine Optimization is closely connected to inbound marketing. Onsite keywords, title tags and content has to still be optimized to ensure maximum coverage for the site. Correct practices are paramount to the success of your website, without following Google’s required procedures your website will struggle.


2. Content Marketing

This is of great importance to any marketing strategy but it is particularly important to inbound marketing. You need to ensure you have original, relevant content that will bring in new traffic to your site. In order to bring traffic you need to stay up to date on current news, be ready to write about something new in the press.


3. Social Media

This is a great tool to use in order to interact with other companies and customers. By uploading your content and promoting it through social media it will allow followers to click on the link, directing the traffic directly to that page. Remember to ensure the content is relevant to the audience, as this will mean higher traffic.


4. Email Marketing

Even though this is an old tactic it is still a powerful method. Email marketing can enable you to stay in touch with customers and direct traffic right to your site. With email less is more. Make your content relevant and engaging, customers will not want to be bombard with countless emails that hold no meaning. Providing a useful article or link is another great way to direct traffic to a specific page.


5. Interactive Videos

These videos are a clever and engaging way to direct traffic to a particular URL. They are also a great way to prevent a high bounce rate, keeping visitors watching and staying that page.


Implementing these tactics is a great way to help maintain your inbound marketing presence. In order to sustain and improve traffic you need to regularly stay in touch with the latest online marketing tactics.


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