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Quick Tips For Crafting Better How-To Videos And Articles

What are some tricks for making your instructional content (videos, how-to articles) stand out to potential customers?





Solve a Specific Problem

Laura Roeder“A lot of how-to content is so broad that it becomes useless. Instead of giving “Facebook tips,” show people exactly how to build their email list using Facebook or how to choose an image that will get “likes” and shares. Specific content is more helpful to potential customers and makes your brand stand out as a company that has already helped them solve their problems.”




Let Your Personality Shine Through

David Cohen“People want to learn from someone. Think of your favorite teacher. I bet he is someone who connected on a different level. The perfect performance is far less important than being authentic and showing a little bit of “you” in whichever medium you choose. “


DAVID COHEN, Round Table Companies


Publish a Polished Final Video

jennifer“When using a screen capture software the tendency in instructional videos is to do a quick video, talk over it, maybe show your video and then immediately publish it to YouTube. Instead, to make your video stand out, take some time to create an overview before publishing. Then, add some post-production flare to it: zoom in, make edits to remove your ‘ums’ and even add music and your logo.”




Be Clear Upfront

ERIN BLASKIE“Before you jump into the instructional content, let your audience know what they can expect to learn and what you’ll cover. Bullet points or a paragraph that describes the takeaways work well. This way, the right people read your content and have a problem solved versus reading it and walking away feeling like their time was wasted.”


ERIN BLASKIE, Next Dev Media


Be Consistent

AndrewSaladino140x140“People love consistency, and you can use that to your advantage with this content. Designate a day of the week or month on your content calendar to release an instructional video or article, and don’t miss it! This will keep your brand top of mind, build a following and keep people regularly engaging with your content.”


ANDREW SALADINO, Just Bath Vanities


Be as Detailed as Possible

WADE FOSTER“The best instructional content leaves no stone unturned. Walk a user through a process with as much detail as possible. That way, a user can recreate what they need with no questions asked.”




Design Functional and Appealing Content

FABIAN KAEMPFER, Chocomize“The best tips I’ve ever received on making instructional content stand out was from the book “Information Design Workbook” by Kim Baer. It provides you with case studies, best practices and a thorough breakdown of innovative, informative design so you can improve your communications functionally and aesthetically. It teaches you to create content that has value and looks good.”




Show Customers Giving the Tutorial

AARON SCHWARTZ Modify Watches“Nothing provides more credibility than having real customers talk about your product. Instructional videos can be monotonous because you show members of the company talking about something they know well. Having customers describe how to use your product in their own, unscripted way will be interesting and genuine!”


AARON SCHWARTZ, Modify Watches


Write a Headline With Key Words

Brett-Farmiloe“People are interested in learning how to do things. They will watch a video or read an article if they believe that content will tell them how to do the things they want to do. Their decision is based on your headline. Begin your headline with the words “how to,” and write copy that tells the viewer how to do something. Example: “How to Make Instructional Content That Stands out to Customers.””




Keep Videos Short

Andrew Schrage“The average person tunes out of online videos after about two minutes (sometimes even less). If you think that your video needs to be longer than that, break it up into multiple stand-alone videos.”


ANDREW SCHRAGE, Money Crashers Personal Finance



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