It’s Time To Embrace Pinterest For Business Marketing

With every new social media sites comes the potential and risk of associating the name of your company with the organization. If you wait too long and it becomes a hit, you can miss a lot of opportunities and if you commit early and it flops you will be associated with a loser. According to comScore, Pinterest is the fastest company to reach the 10 million unique visitor mark and the numbers have been increasing at an amazing rate every single month.


What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that lets you organize the things you like and place it on a pinboard so you can share it with your friends, customers or anyone that has similar interests. It can be used to share recipes, projects, events, products and hobbies. You can create a board or collage for each interest by pinning or adding images and video. Pinterest is responsible for driving more traffic to websites than some of the most popular social media sites combined. You can use the following techniques to market your product or company.


Techniques for Using Pinterest for Business Marketing

Exclusive Promotions

You can offer Pinterest exclusives by creating pins with special promotions or coupons with pictures and graphics specifically designed for each product and adding them on your board. When you design a new board, use names that are interesting and creative and remember the name has to be short because you don’t have room for long-winded descriptive titles.

Run Contests

Contests almost always draw in new customers. The difference with Pinterest is you can use contests to get very good information about the participants. By asking your contestants to pin their favorite movies, music, electronics and vacation spots you will be able to gather targeted marketing information. When you run a contest you have to provide a prize worth the information they are willing to give you. Select a popular electronic item or a gift certificate to a trendy store.


Highlight Your Product

Create how-to tutorials about your product and pin your videos and presentation on special boards. Don’t let actors or people not involved with the company talk about the company or teach the tutorial. People are more media savvy these days and they can tell the difference between actors and the real McCoy. This is a great way of creating a personal connection so use the owner of the company or employers who make the product. You can also show how the product is made from beginning to end. This shows pride in your manufacturing process and your product in general.

Customized Boards

Create customized boards specially created for your customers on how they can use the product. While it will be almost impossible to create boards for all of your customers, you can do it for segments of your customers who use the product a certain way related to their interests or hobbies. Personalizing your product this way will make your company stand out. When you make this type of commitment, make sure you update your information frequently so your customers will not feel neglected.

Recognize Loyal Customers

Always recognize and spotlight your best customers by introducing them to all of your customers and highlighting their profile. Keep track of the most re-pins, comments, likes and referral traffic. Go over your Pineterest profile to see your traffic statistics to determine what is working and creating the most buzz.


Pinterest is a great marketing tool because you know what the people using the site are focused on. With a little perseverance, you can create a list of highly targeted leads interested in your product.


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