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Startup Zen Lesson 4: How To Boost Your Resilience And Succeed In Business With These 5 Essential Mantras



So, I was thinking about how I wanted to improve myself in 2013. Quit smoking? Nope, don’t smoke. Lose weight? Meh, no thanks. Stop stressing over things I cannot control (along with eliminating many other anxiety-causing habits I possess)? Bingo. To put it simply – this year I want to be more calm, cool, and collected and more resilient to negative outside forces.


On my quest to learn some tricks to achieve this, I came across¬†Geoffrey James‘ blog post on his eight personal beliefs that help him with resilience. Here are 5 of those beliefs that should become your daily mantra. They can help you succeed in business, whether you’re a business owner, startup newbie, or an entrepreneur just looking for a little self-improvement.


1. Not taking action is failing

Most people are so deathly afraid that their idea will fail that they don’t even try to make it work. But Geoffrey always tells himself (and I love this):


“If I don’t take action, I’ll fail by default, so what have I got to lose?”





2. Failing is a learning lesson

I’m pretty sure if you ask any successful entrepreneur they will tell you of the many fails they had to go through, and that they learned more from their fails than from their successes. Geoffrey describes his failures as renewing his humility, sharpening his objectivity and making him more resilient.


3. Be kind to yourself

This is incredibly important. When other people are unkind to you, remember you have the control to be kind to yourself, especially when you are running your own business. The naysayers are everywhere, ready to knock you down. Geoffrey says it’s your responsibility to treat yourself well (and tell the Negative Nancies to talk to the hand cuz the face ain’t listenin’!) Check out Startup Zen Lesson 2 for more on this resilience-boosting tip.





4. Don’t take it personally

In business you’re always faced with trying situations that you can either take personally or know that business is business. By taking failures or criticism in business to heart, you cloud your judgment and harm your chances of growth. Bottom line: don’t take it personally. Geoffrey says these are the five magic words to help even the most difficult of business situations.


5. Erase “I’ll try” from your vernacular

Geoffrey believes this is self-defeating, and he’s right. If your response to completing projects is “I’ll try,” you’re already setting yourself up to fail. Instead, use words like “I will” and “I must.” This will breed confidence and focus and get you closer to achieving your goals.


So go, my young and ambitious self-improver. Take these 5 resilience-building mantras and work them into your daily business-building routine so you can make 2013 one super successful year.



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Author : Holly Hutton

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