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Keeping It Real – Successful Online Businesses Offer Genuine Resources

Websites  are probably even cheaper than a dime a dozen, and there are thousands more created every day. With so much competition and universal accessibility, the only way to create a long-lasting and sustainable website is to offer true resources that users may genuinely value.




Naturally, this is much more easily said than done, but it is the key to keeping your site relevant and attractive to users.  Consider the type of content that moves a user to send a copy to a friend or to share on Facebook. To truly grab the attention of visitors your content has to be unique and dynamic enough to spread. In other words, you need killer content to stand out from the pack.

Quality Over Quantity

A ridiculous number of blogs are started every month, and the vast majority of them are of very little substance or just spam. Since Google and other search engines do their best to avoid sending their visitors to junk sites and filter their content accordingly. The best way to to separate your site from the chaff is to offer an actual resource to users as opposed to an unoriginal regurgitation of what’s already copiously available.



Choose A Strategy For Featuring Content

One way to better ensure the creation of an actual resource is to develop a content strategy. Having a plan for delivering content helps maximize the impact of each post.


For example, using an eBook strategy for delivering content is a great way to consolidate your efforts. In this model, you would create and outline and break your eBook idea down into chapters. Each chapter written becomes a blog article until all are complete, a preface and conclusion are added and the eBook is released as its own event. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone while ensuring that your site is focused on being a genuine resource.


The Greatness in Gratis

One way to help your site establish longevity and encourage organic linking is by offering resources for free. Though your goal is to make money with your website, the ultimate return and user loyalty engendered by making your brand easily accessible will pay off down the road when its time to cash in. When more dedicated to creating valuable and authentic material that generates high ranking results with search engines, you’re ensuring that there will be something of genuine value  to offer when seeking to cash in.


Essentially, you’re looking to create something that can hang on for the long haul, something relevant enough to users to be looked to repeatedly and held as an example of what users are looking for when searching for what you offer. Advertisers and potential buyers want to see quality links on your site, and you won’t get those without offering a real resource to users.

Cashing In On Your Hard Work

When you’ve put in the thought and effort to establish your brand as a credible resource that visitors rely upon and commonly link to, you’ve created something that has the potential to pay quite well.  There are essentially four possible avenues you can take.


  • Offer affiliate products on your site.
  • Sell your own product alongside your free content
  • Sell ad space for a great monthly income
  • Ultimately sell the site for as large a sum as possible



If your site offers a true and easily searchable resource, any of these financial possibilities exist, but it may not be wise to quit your day job until you start to see the numbers that will allow you to.


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Author : Don Bodie

Don Bodie has crafted his writing technique from a background in the performing arts, and enjoys covering the exciting world of startups. Drawing from experiences with various types of small businesses across the country, Don hopes to offer unique viewpoints and insight to his readers.

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