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How To Prepare Your Mind For Lifelong Success



by David Schnurman


As an entrepreneur and a lifelong learner, I am always reading, watching videos, and speaking to others to constantly improve and expand my knowledge base. One of the most important areas that I work on is my mindset.


Too often in business, we focus on outside challenges such as raising money, managing a team, or acquiring new customers. While all of these are important and need to be addressed, they do not hold a candle to the internal challenges that we face on a daily basis as an entrepreneur: stress, self-doubt, negativity, loss of focus, blaming others, fear of failure — the list can go on and on.




If you have the right mindset and a positive attitude, there is no outside force that can stop you in your journey to success. Here are five resources to help you along that journey:


1. Inspirational YouTube Videos. It is amazing the quantity of inspirational videos that are posted on a daily basis. They give me just the right dose of energy to get me through my low moments. Below are links to some of my favorite videos. These gave me my mental toughness while I was training for the marathon. Every time I wanted to quit, I just put one of these videos on my phone and listened in the background while I was running. If you feel like a challenge is too hard or you cannot do something, these are the videos to watch!




2. The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield. I initially listened to this on and the first 15 minutes – when Jack discussed taking 100 percent responsibility – literally changed my life. It had such an effect on me that I have gifted the book to everyone in my company and have purchased many extras to give to those who visit my office. I recommend first listening to it from as Jack does such an amazing job reading the book.





3. The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. You can read the book, watch the documentary, or listen to it from The main focus is on the law of attraction (which is a big theme in The Success Principles as well). I want to share with you a great example from the book on what it means to understand the law of attraction. If you were to win the lottery but you would not get the money for four months, the day you won the lottery you would be a different person. You would feel different, act different, and your mindset would already be spending the money. Even though you would have not seen a dollar you would still have the confidence and act as if it was your own. You need to apply that same principle to anything you want to achieve in business or life. You need to believe in it as much as you believe you will get the money after you win the lottery. It is that mindset that will attract it to you in the first place.



4. Regular Journaling. Taking time each and every day to put my thoughts down in writing has been integral to my success. I have used physical journals (7 to date), email, and a free online software called FrameofMind. Each has its benefits: with writing in the journal there is something about the free flow of the pen that allows my thoughts to flourish easier; with email, it is just always there and I can easily send it to anyone; and with the software, you can get comments and work with a coach and others in the community.  The key for me is not to think but to do a brain dump of my thoughts for the day. What did I accomplish? How do I feel? What are my challenges? It is amazing how fast one train of thought connects to another once you start writing. I have come up with some of my best plans through journaling and it has also enabled me to remain focused and energized. Journaling is “exercise” for your mind, which is necessary as much as it is for your muscles.




5. Listen to Tony Robbins. I bought a Tony Robbins program as a gift for a friend because I knew he loved Tony. He gave it to me when he was done and I couldn’t believe what an amazing effect it had on my perspective. The 30-day program “Unleash the Power Within” is by far the most expensive option, but in the scheme of things, it is well worth it. There are also a lot of free Robbins videos on YouTube, but I believe that option pales in comparison to committing to the entire program.  It is not just about what Tony says — it is the way he says it and the exercises he gives you to do.


When you start reading a lot of books and listening to experts, everything sounds the same after a while.  That is good because repetition of something is the key to turning an idea or concept into a habit.  Use the above five resources as a starting point. Develop your own favorite resources for keeping the right mindset as you grow your business. It is an ongoing process — and one that I recommend you continue for the rest of your life.




David Schnurman is a passionate entrepreneur whose primary focus is creating a collaborative environment where individuals can actively learn and share their knowledge. He is the founder of two e-learning companies,, and, an online website that features video interviews and advice from entrepreneurs.


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