Desk For Success: How To Increase Productivity In The Office

by Dave Cummins


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The average office worker spends 1,920 hours a year at his or her desk.

Considering that there are 8,765 hours in a year, that is almost a quarter of a person’s whole life in one year just spent at an office desk. This infographic shows you how to ‘Desk for Success’ and turn your office desk into a hub of productivity allowing for small simple changes that can make a massive difference to your quality of working life.


How To Increase Productivity In The Office



Desk For Success – Where To Begin

One of the first issues to tackle is paper. A clean desk promotes efficiency and reams of paper piled high on your desk does not. Where possible, try to promote a paperless system and scan documents onto computers to file them away. Many people have a clock because they think it promotes good time keeping. but actually a ticking clock is one of the most distracting things you could have on your desk. Get rid of the clock and instead set alarms on your computer.


Healthy Office Desk Add-ons

There are things you can actually add to your desk to help your health which you might not even know. For example, adding a plant to your desk can increase cognitive attention. How does it do that? Well plants filter the air around your desk removing bacteria and mold. Making sure to have a glass of lemon water on your desk can kick start your metabolism so you are more alert at work and eating high protein snacks will keep your blood sugar stable, allowing you to work at a consistent rate.


The Best Office Productivity Advice?

The best thing you can do though is to get up from your desk every now and then as sitting for prolonged periods of time is tough on concentration. Make sure you get the right chair for your posture, which can all contribute to a better working environment. In terms of technology, reduce frustration by cleaning up your desktop, deleting unnecessary files and updating your anti-virus software as needed.



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