Convert Holiday Looky-Loos Into Paying Customers. 3 Ways To Increase Conversion Rates This Season


Have you been running any holiday promotions? If you haven’t started, then get on it! Even if you’ve got high numbers of visitors to your site, you need to convert those visitors into buyers.


Did you know that during the holiday season, a significant number of online shoppers are increasingly using price comparison sites to research the best online deals? It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that consumers are not only using price comparing sites but they’re also on average spending several hours to research holiday gift purchases online.


So, if they’re interested in your product or service and have visited your site to check out the details, then chances are they’ve taken a look at some other similar products or services on other  sites. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can increase conversion rates and turn your site visitors into paying customers!





1. Create Promotions

Not only do you want to create a promotion, but you want to create one that enhances your brand’s image. Remember, promotions are necessary also because they allow you to compete with other startups.


Consider reward programs, discounts, or special offers as ways to get paying customers and as a way to build your brand reputation.


2. Free Shipping

Free shipping during the holiday season is one of the best ways to increase online sales. In fact, there are more than 1,000 companies participating in Free Shipping Day 2012, which is taking place today, December 17th.


Consider offering free shipping by requiring a minimum amount in purchases.


3. Close the Deal

Just because a customer has added your product to the shopping cart, it doesn’t mean that they’ll actually go through with the sale. A 2010 online survey found that nearly 85 percent of shoppers online have added items to their cart without completing the transaction. I’ve certainly done it many times.


Think about changing the way your shopping cart works by allowing users to save their purchasing information with your startup. This way, they don’t have to input their name, address, and credit card number every single time they want to buy something from you.





Another way to close the deal is to make sure that your site is as clean as possible. When a customer wants something, they click on it, put it in their cart, and hopefully make the purchase. If the site is too noisy or has too many distractions, then they’ll end up surfing the site even more and this means the chances of you closing that deal are less. Direct them to your product, the cart, and close that deal!


Create promotions, offer coupons, and offer free shipping to prevent customers from passing over your product or service online. Take advantage of the holiday buying fever and turn those site visitors into customers now!


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