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Increasing Your Brand Name Recognition

For businesses, the brand name should be one that will be unforgettable and interesting to people. It should hold value to those who have experienced its services and recognition from those who have heard them from others. The name of a company should not be in any way related to a time event.



A representation of uniform value, a brand will most often attract intellectual and emotional appeal. If you ask a person today which is the strongest brand of soda today, most people would say Coca-Cola. Years ago, Bloomberg Businessweek has used a formula which will calculate the worth of a brand’s appeal in growing a business. The formula came out with Coke being on top of the list of companies worldwide.



If you are wondering what the strongest brand in the world is, well it is your name. As you move forward to getting your name recognized by the public, you should create a brand that does stand out amongst others in the web and plays well with your appeal.


Do a search for your brand including those from your competitors through advanced high speed Internet search tools such as Google, Twitter or Youtube. It is possible for you to even set Google Alerts to automatically alert you in case of updates and then even subscribe to blogs that have automatic updates through Google Reader. This will help determine how strong your brand is at the same time providing ideas on what you can do to change it.


Here are some techniques that you can do to improve your brand appeal:

  1. Establish good online relationships with active bloggers and thought leaders who can influence other people.
  2. Write articles and blogs several times a week and publish them in your website. You can also guest post for other online communities and social media. To be interesting to readers, provoke them with questions regarding the topic.
  3. Track down what people have to say about your brand and communicate with them quickly whether it is good or bad. Make sure that you remain polite and helpful.


Having a reputable brand name is vital for the success of the business. Your brand name is an intangible asset, more powerful than just a logo design. It is the emotions that your consumers convey whenever they hear your name being mentioned. Start learning from the best and emulate the strategies and techniques that they are using.



One of the ore veins that have not been mined yet by your brand is its database. If you are already interacting and keeping a good relationship with clients and customers, it is wise to consider the following:


  1. Start newsletters that have content such as how-tos, incentives and interviews.
  2. Get an auto responder to compliment and thank your customers after every purchase they make.
  3. Secure promotions and advertisements that show announcements and special offers from your brand.


You can even increase the size of your database and its quality by developing landing pages which attract people to provide their email addresses to you. This will help you build the database which you can use for sales and marketing in the future.


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