Let Your Business Be A Magnet for The Right Talent

Talent is the engine of any organization the right talent can make your grow and the wrong one can kill you. If the company is an internet startup it is more relevant because these startups operate with minimal staff. Each person must carry their weight and move the organization forward as a unit. So getting the right talent then becomes more critical and attracting them to your company will take a lot of effort and convincing on your part.


Market Your Working Environment

When you get your company up and running you will probably use all the tools available to you to market it the best way possible. Before you get to that point use the same effort to let available talent know the benefits of working for your company. The career section of your website should be as good as the home page or better and have social media sites and other internet market tools to get the word out. If word gets out you are a great company to work for the best talent will seek you out on the other hand if you are a bad employee it will also spread like wild fire.

What Is Unique About Your Business?

Technology startups offer many unique possibilities for employees. There is potential, innovation, growth and creativity and each company has unique qualities that can be used to recruit top candidates. As the owner of the company you can implement your own policies based on the company you would love to work for. Treating your employees as you would yourself goes a long way in creating unique work environments. Be flexible regarding attire, appearance, work week, transparency and access.


The Offer

If your candidate is as brilliant as you hope he or she is they will understand foregoing all the perks of an established corporation if it means they can be part of something big from the get go. They will also know there are a lot of risks because there is no guarantee your start up will be the next Facebook. Your offer has to take into consideration all of these factors and make a persuasive argument as to why you are the startup worth taking a chance on. While the potential is a great motivator your compensation can not be on the low end of your many competitors. Try to stay on the medium to high side on the salary scale.

What Do You Need As An Employer?

When you establish your startup know what your employee needs are before you buy your office furniture. If you don’t have the right pieces you will not be able to move forward with confidence. The last thing you want to think about is the ineffectiveness of one of your employees. Hiring workers of equal talent is one of the best ways to be productive.


As Steve Jobs said “The Macintosh experience taught me that A players like to work only with other A players which means you can’t indulge B players. It is your startup so hire A players and let your competition deal with B players.


Your talent will make you who you will be in the future of your company. If they are great you will more likely be great and if they are B players you will have to deal with those consequences.


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