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How Can You Get Big Companies To Notice You? Find Out In This Video



Brad Hunstable of Ustream helped Barack Obama broadcast live during his campaign. How in the world do smaller brands get to the top in terms of partnerships?


When you’re running a small company without an established brand, it’s difficult to get big, risk-averse companies to invest in signing a major business deal with you. But it’s not impossible if you know where to start.


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Brad Hunstable, the founder and CEO of Ustream, recommends that newer or smaller companies try the “ladder method” to score major deals:


  • Build momentum by looking for smaller fish who are willing to take a risk.
  • Leverage that traction as proof, and go to the next person in line.
  • Rinse and repeat until you climb to the top!


Watch this video to learn more:



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Author : Young Entrepreneur Council

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