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Why Early Startups Should Hire Ghostwriters

by Victoria North






Startup websites and companies have very limited budgets but getting relevant content published for branding and online presence purposes is important. For this reason, and many others, hiring a ghostwriter is ideal. Many writers understand that startup companies have limited funds and will make an exception regarding their normal rate to provide the website owner with great content.



Most ghostwriters are versatile in style, meaning that they can write in any style and on nearly any topic. This versatility is what makes them essential to the success of a business with online presence. When you find the right ghostwriter, it is likely that they will provide all of the content for you so that the same tone is conveyed to the audience at all times.


Understanding of Content Needs

Ghostwriters take a lot of time to perfect their craft and talent with words. These persons work hard to develop a style that provides relevant content in a way that will engage readers on a new website. In the beginning, it is important to discuss the brand, what the brand offers and what the purpose of the website is. The ghostwriter can take your notes and compile a glowing article to get consumers excited about your product or service.


Professional Formatting and Voice

Presenting content in a way that readers will actually pay attention is important. Long pieces are often ignored. For this reason, it is a good idea to create smaller pieces that are concentrated on a single topic. Create several posts if need be, but keep the pieces at manageable levels.


Ghostwriters also understand what kind of voice needs to be used for the type of product or service you are promoting with a website. As a startup company, it is important to have a specific voice. Some website owners prefer an authoritative tone while others want their content to be friendly and conversational in tone.


A great ghostwriter will be able to provide both and format the content in a way that readers will want to view all of the content in an article.


Available On-Demand

While most ghostwriters do not hold actual schedules, some do have a schedule but make exceptions for their best clients. This means that you can contact your ghostwriter at any time and request a piece. At that time you should provide a deadline and discuss the schedule of the writer. Most of the time, the writer will make time in their schedule to provide the on-demand content that you need.


Negotiable Rates and No Constant Overhead

All writers have rates for specific types of content. You pay for the quality that you want, so for a low rate, the quality may not be there. It is important to try to meet their rate or be close to it. This helps to build a working relationship with one writer. The writer will have a great understanding as to what your particular needs are.


With a ghostwriter, your overhead is minimal. These writers are not on your payroll unless you have regular content needs and enter into a contract situation with them. This is ideal for startup companies because more important business expenses have to come first in regards to paying employees, maintaining the business financially and marketing. However, the ghostwriter can create a press release for your company and write up your marketing materials, which is another benefit to working with a ghostwriter.


The information given above should provide ample insight as to why it is a good idea to work with ghostwriters as a startup company. Be as clear as possible with your instructions so that the writer can provide exactly what you require the first time.



Victoria North has recently started her career in journalism and is graduating from the university this year. Also, she has founded an educational platform and is working on making it international.



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