Will You Just Take A Vacation Already, Mister Self-Employed Workaholic!

Your business is your baby. Your company is your kid. Your startup is your soul. We get it; when you’re self-employed it’s hard to put your work on hiatus, especially when your paycheck usually relies on your productivity. But, let me state the obvious here, vacations are your friend! And, going on a little holiday will actually boost your productivity, re-align your focus, and relieve some serious stress. And, you’re certain to find a little inspiration along the way.


If you’re still not convinced or still suffering from work-leaving anxiety, here are a few important ways to justify a well-deserved vacation.



Do a little work… if you MUST

The new cloud-based world us techies live in makes it pretty convenient to do work anywhere, anytime. It also makes it tempting to get sucked into the cloud when you should be enjoying real, fluffy ones at the beach.



But, many entrepreneurs can’t completely de-connect, and the needs of clients and customers haunt our poolside daydreams. If a little email checking and client connecting will relieve the anxiety, then a bit of work on holiday is OK. After all, the whole point is to be relaxed and worry-free (if that’s possible). But, if you’re stuck on your computer all day, then you may have not properly planned the next trip-taking tip….


Take off at the right time

To de-fray disgruntled clients, make sure you give enough notice on when you plan to take your holiday. And just like most things, timing is everything. Obviously, a holiday isn’t ideal during peak business times, be it a tradeshow, product launch or client-heavy months. If there isn’t really a low-season in your business, you might want to…



Hire help

If there are simple tasks like answering emails or fielding calls,  hire a virtual assistant or freelancer to take care of it while you’re away. Better yet, a family member or friend could help you out, especially when they are the people that know you need the vacation the most!


Mix business with pleasure

Keep in mind that business travel and expenses can be tax deductible. If you can work a little holiday before or after (and sometimes during, as I recall on a Boca Raton conference I was at a few years back), you’ll be mixing a little business with pleasure AND getting a tax break to do it. It’s a win-win, my burnt-out friend.


And my favorite reason why self-employed workaholics should go on vacation?



It’s Inspiring!

Being relaxed with a clear mind, coupled with beautiful surroundings is a recipe for inspiration. You may come up with a brilliant idea for your next venture, figure out how to improve on areas of your business, or just simply be inspired about your work in general.


So, draft your auto-response, jump on Kayak and book yourself a well-deserved work break (oh yes, and check out these latest travel apps. I promise, you’ll be happy you did.


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