Why Small Businesses Need A Practical Help Desk

Running a small business, without defining a process or automating it, is a challenge. This infographic helps to determine the criteria that should be considered while selecting help desk software for a small business.


Customer service plays a crucial role for a business to be successful. Great service makes the customers come back and become loyal over time. Responding to customers in a timely manner and tracking their interaction can help provide personal attention to customers. This can be automated through customer service software and different customer service software fit differently for different companies.



Customer Support


Determining the usability of customer service software and how it can help in fulfilling your business needs helps scaling the business easily over the time. Some of the issues faced, for selecting a small business software are, bloated features, fixed pricing plans that are too high while free plans do not suffice, integrated business support for other small business applications.


To provide undivided attention to our customers and addressing the pain points for a small business help desk software, some of the essential features to be considered include Knowledge base – providing instant help for some frequently asked questions, multi-channel support, community forums for customers to help each other and mobile version of the app to provide support on the move.





HappyFox Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, develops a multi-channel customer support help desk solution. HappyFox competes with Zendesk and Desk.com. Known for its solid ticketing capabilities and simple user interface, HappyFox caters to the help desk needs of both traditional businesses and modern, high-tech corporations of all sizes. HappyFox integrates with over 20 SaaS based applications including Salesforce and Google Apps, supports around 35 languages and is also available on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms. For more information visit HappyFox.com or ping them on Facebook or Twitter.


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