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15 Ideas For A Healthier Workplace



What is one cool way you’re motivating employees to get fit and stay healthy?


1. Work In Weekly Activities

Derek Flanzraichavatar-1“Every two Fridays, our whole team goes on a health and fitness activity, which have included everything from a kung fu class to attending a Mets game. We delegate responsibility for organizing them on a rotating basis. It’s definitely become an awesome cornerstone of our team culture.”


Derek Flanzraich | CEO and Founder, Greatist



2. Tell Stories of Healthy Living

philFrost-100x100“Stories are one of the most powerful tools in marketing and sales. Whenever possible, I try to weave personal running stories into our marketing material to both attract our ideal customers – other health-conscious businesses – and motivate our employees.”


Phil Frost | Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Main Street ROI



3. No Junk Food!

WarrenJollyavatar-100x100“We encourage a vegan, low-sugar lifestyle by ensuring that these are the only foods we keep stocked in our kitchen. Junk food is kept to an absolute minimum, and we don’t allow any soda in the office. We’ve realized that employees then get used to this healthier lifestyle and start to make better choices at home and on the road.”


Warren Jolly | Co-founder, Affiliate Marketing



4. Communal Food and Corporate Gym Memberships

avatar-100x100“Encouraging employees to chip in for communal food allows a health-conscious person take the lead and purchase fun and healthy snacks (like fruit, popsicles and nuts) to keep the team satisfied and energized throughout the day. Providing a corporate membership with a local gym also motivates employees to join for a discounted rate and work out together around office hours.”


Erika London | Co-Founder,



5. Inspired by Infomercials

NancyTNguyenavatar“We keep our work TV on a fit lifestyle channel. Our employees constantly get healthful recipe ideas, beauty tips, and work out routines. Just the other day, I saw two employees following a short workout routine and talking about going to the gym after work. We keep trashy shows off of our TV and keep the “living well” shows on. The employees are inspired by the people on TV to stay fit.”


Nancy T. Nguyen | Founder/Sweet Sylist, Sweet T Salon



6. Put on Fitness Competitions

jesse-100x100-2“We run a monthly fitness competition that assigns points to various activities, with prizes awarded to various categories! Easy way to keep everyone involved and add some competition.”


Jesse Pujji | CEO, Ampush



7. Try Tough Mudder!

JustinBeck Perbleavatar-100x100-1“Each year, I do two or three Tough Mudder races – 10-mile runs with military-style obstacles along the way. The events are great opportunities to bond with employees over physically challenging activities. Tough Mudder takes about 2-3 months to prepare for, so training before or after work is a good time to bond and get fit together.”


Justin Beck | Co-Founder and CEO, PerBlue



8. Sweaty Team Building

Kevon Saber“Every other Thursday, the whole team works out together. Each workout, a different person decides what we’re doing and leads us. The workouts are fun, build camaraderie, and spark conversations about what else people are doing and using to pursue wellness.”


Kevon Saber | Cofounder, Fig



9. Walking Meetings

BrentShoreavatar“We’re stocking healthier snacks in the office and have started walking meetings. Both are small, but effective, ways to make health a priority at work.”


Brent Beshore | Owner/CEO,



10. Offer Incentives

JordanGuernseyavatar“We’ve tried to offer incentives to team members to quit smoking, like days off and gift cards. It works with some, and it just shows that we care about them now and in the future.”


Jordan Guernsey | CEO, Molding Box



11. Lead by Example

NicolasGremionavatar-100x100“I set the tone. I use my lunch hour to exercise daily, which leads to others joining in, and as more go, more end up coming. Likewise, we keep healthy food in the office, which prompts others to follow suit. Setting an example can be a very powerful, non-intrusive approach.”


Nicolas Gremion | CEO,



12. A 5K Every Month

LoganLenzavatar-100x100“Every month, we try to signup for some type of race for a good cause. While the race itself is always a blast, we find a lot of value in the weeks in between with team trainings and runs after work. A team that trains together, sticks together.”


Logan Lenz | Founder / President, Endagon



13. Teams That Think on Their Feet

RobertSofiaavatar“We provide height adjustable desks so each person can choose whether to sit or stand while working. This not only keeps them healthy, but increases productivity. We’ve been thrilled with the result! Check out Ergo Depot or Workrite – I highly recommend it!”


Robert Sofia | Co-Founder & COO, Platinum Advisor Strategies




14. Manage Well, Reduce Stress

ElizabethSaundersavatar-100x100-1“One of my goals is to delegate early and to pace people well so that they’re not stressed or having to lose sleep to make deadlines. An overall sense of peace and calm created by clear, proactive management has enormous positive health benefits.”


Elizabeth Saunders | Founder & CEO, Real Life E®



15. Provide the Time

JohnHallavatar“I have an open workflow, which allows my employees to work out in the morning prior to work. The best motivation is to give your employees the time to work out.”


John Hall | CEO, Influence & Co.



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