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Guerrilla Marketing Ideas And Memorable Branding



How do I steer traffic toward my company? Trying to answer that question will drive any startup around in mad circles. For, making sure people stop their way is the business’ utmost concern – they provide real-time parking data, guiding drivers to convenient, available parking.


To launch their iPhone app in Austin, Texas, the ParkMe team took aggressive, creative action. They buzzed the streets during the SXSW Interactive Festival by putting fake tickets and boots with the company name on parked vehicles. Risky stunt or brilliant guerrilla marketing ideas?


Check out the video of ParkMe’s efforts and decide for yourself:



Author : Gonzo Arzuaga

Gonzo is a passionate internet entrepreneur doing business online since 1996. He has lived in 5 countries, speaks 5 languages, and published 5 books. His goal is to be a motivational speaker. He loves quotes, writing, and reading. Follow him on his personal account on Twitter @garzuaga. If you love motivational quotes, follow his separate Twitter account @GonzoQuotes. Gonzo Arzuaga

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