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5 Innovative Ways To Grow Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

by Karleia Steiner



One of the most exciting and empowering things that an individual can do is start their own business. However, there are a variety of challenges that tend to result from doing so – such as learning how to grow your business on a shoestring budget.


5 Innovative Ways to Grow Your Business on a Shoe String Budget



If you find that you don’t have a great deal of money to pour into your business yet want it to keep growing, using the following five innovative tips and tricks can work for you:


1. Publish an e-Book.

e-Books have become an increasingly popular way for small business owners to gain greater visibility and authority in their field. When you write an e-Book, you are often perceived to be a “thought leader” regarding the subject the book covers. Moreover, there are a plethora of online resources you can use to publish your e-Book for free.


2. Start A Social Media Marketing Campaign.

These days, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook have become prime sites for business owners to advertise their goods and services. And what’s great about social media channels is that they’re almost always free. It’s simply a matter of you putting together a catchy profile and utilizing relevant, eye-catching graphic design elements to keep the attention of your audience. Twitter can be a particularly effective form of social media marketing because when you tweet effectively, the tweet can get retweeted and go “viral,” meaning that millions of peoples could see your advertisement within minutes.


3. E-mail Marketing.

As many internet marketing experts know, e-mail marketing is a cost effective way to inform your audience about what’s going on with your brand. Simply put together a high quality letter with clickable links leading your viewers back to your product pages and you’re ready to go. To make the most of this strategy, you may want to have your e-mail marketing letter reviewed by a professional editor.


4. Get The Right Software.

One of the primary reasons that small businesses fail is that they lack the money and staff necessary to be very orderly and organized. Don’t fall victim to this oversight. Instead, invest in cost-effective software that enables you to keep each aspect of your business in order. Small business owners who run their own healthcare businesses for example can greatly benefit from home healthcare software which optimizes records and applications. Do a bit of research in order to find the most reasonably priced, relevant software to ensure that your business keeps moving forward.


5. Start A Blog.

Blogging is big, and it’s cheap to start. Since this is the case, it’s one of the most effective and appropriate strategies that a small business owner can implement in order to attain perpetual growth. When you start the blog, be sure that your tone is conversational without sounding unprofessional. Because blogs constitute a form of social media marketing, the keyword in using your blog is social. Your prospective clients will want to interface with you in a manner that transcends you simply providing basic information regarding your goods and services. So remember to make it personal.


If you’re serious about growing your business on a shoestring budget, you should know that doing so is entirely possible. While many business owners believe that building a business takes a ton of money, nothing could be further from the truth. By implementing some or all of the cost-effective strategies outlined here, you will likely witness your business experience the slow but substantive growth that will entail life-long customers and increased conversion rates. Good luck!





Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger and small business consultant. To keep your home healthcare practice running efficiently use Igea Software.



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