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11 Great Gifts For Your Great Customers

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given customers to show your appreciation?




1. Yearly Weekend RetreatCOREY BLAKE

“At RTC, we pay for a yearly customer retreat where our clients fly out to Chicago to spend a weekend learning from one another. It is a gift we give to our community. It binds them together (with us as the nucleus), and it has paid off in spades.”

– COREY BLAKERound Table Companies


2. Uber Gift CertificateAntonio Neves

“If your customer works in a city where Uber operates, you can’t go wrong providing them with an Uber gift certificate. Not only is it a simple and functional gift to give, but it also saves busy professionals tons of time.”



3. iPadEnrico Palmerino

“You can almost never go wrong with giving someone an iPad and engraving a kind note on the back such as, “Many thanks for being a valued client. Sincerely, SmartBooks.””



4. Chocomize Gift CardFABIAN KAEMPFER, Chocomize

“Our B2C customers love sharing on social, and we love that they do, so we encourage it. Every month we have a raffle for a $50 Chocomize gift card, and everyone who posts a picture of their chocolate bar on any social platform with the hashtag #Chocomize is automatically entered. It’s a value exchange for both parties, and they get to go online and customize even more delicious chocolate bars.”



5. A Month of Free ServicePhil Chen

“Customers are always trying to save money, and a free month of service can go a long way. It reinforces your relationship and provides them with the highest valued thing you can offer — your service.”

– PHIL CHENSystems Watch


6. Sports TicketsJUSTIN NOWAK

“I work in a mainly male-dominated industry, and hockey and football tickets go a long way. Plus, I usually buy a ticket for myself and go with the client. It is a great way to build a personal relationship with a client while enjoying something we both love outside of the normal office confines. Plus, it’s just a good time!”

– JUSTIN NOWAKWOW 1 Day Painting


7. CupcakesRYAN BUCKLEY, Scripted, Inc.

“We sent cupcakes to our top 10 customers. Rather than sending them through the mail, we did some research, found a local bakery near each office and had them delivered. It shows additional care, and our customers loved it.”

– RYAN BUCKLEYScripted, Inc.


8. Gift BasketsPhil Laboon

“Each year we send gift baskets to our clients. We actually take the time to personally deliver them too. Anyone can send a gift basket, but it takes a lot more time and effort to personally deliver them. I think it’s a nice added touch.”

– PHIL LABOONEyeflow Internet Marketing


9. SocksKelsey Meyer Influence & Co President & Co-Founder

“This year we are giving our clients custom dress socks from Sock 101 with the Influence & Co. logo on them, of course. We always look for unique gifts that will surprise clients and make them smile. And who doesn’t love new socks?”

– KELSEY MEYERInfluence & Co.


10. Handwritten NoteCHRIS CANCIALOSI

“I’ve found the most meaningful gift for customers is a handwritten note. It’s such a simple expression of gratitude, but surprisingly few people take advantage of it. In today’s technology-driven society, taking a few minutes to be thoughtful about crafting a sincere, handwritten message can go a long way.”



11. Godiva ChocolatesMIKE SEIMAN

“We sent out about 100 boxes of wonderful Godiva chocolates to some of our best customers. Whatever gift you choose, sending the gold standard for that category communicates a focus on quality.”




Originally published by StartupCollective.


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