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Hot Searches So Good I Just Can’t Look Away



Okay, so Google is not exactly known for rocking the “visually pretty” side of things, right? I know this is something I’ve complained about before, but I just can’t understand why a company with as much money and smarts and resources as Google can’t seem to get their shit together on the design side of things.


(Disclaimer: This does not apply to the new Google Maps, which is sexy in a way that no non-porn site should ever be.)




However, I was doing my job-required trolling around the internet today when I stumbled upon this spectacular visualization of Google Trends and hot searches. It’s simple, colorful, and totally hypnotic.


Go on. Try to look away.


(Pro tip: click on the little square in the top left hand corner to change the format. This is especially helpful if you’re prone to overstimulation.)


So why is this awesome, other than the visual stimuli that has me mesmerized like a cat staring at a light bulb? (What are they seeing up there??) It’s awesome because it gives you, startup founder, a clue into what people are looking for on the most popular search engine in the world. Use this data to help your product go viral or just to get a pulse on what’s most popular in your region.


Or just go stare at it for awhile. I won’t judge you.



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zaimoku_woodpile | Janith Bandara | Flickr

Author : Emma McGowan

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