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Get Started On Pinterest With These 9 Brand-Building Tips

Question: How can I best use Pinterest to promote my business and engage new/existing customers?

by The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)



Follow your target audience

“If your target audience is using Pinterest as a resource to share their content, then you can connect by following, commenting and linking to their pins. Just like Twitter and other social media platforms, you want to balance promoting your own business with engaging with customers. Add value to your Boards not just by repinning content but also by adding new pins to the site.”

– Kelly Azevedo | Founder, She’s Got Systems


Add a “Pin it” button

“You can add a “Pin It” button to your content to make it easy for people to share on Pinterest, much like you might already do with Twitter, Google+ and Reddit. Before doing so though, you want to make sure that Pinterest is right for you—it will work well with highly visual consumer products, but is probably not worth doing for business-to-business services, for example.”

– Matt Mickiewicz | Co-Founder, Flippa and 99designs



Analyze others’ strategies

“There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Have you seen others use Pinterest in ways that successfully promote their business? Ask yourself some analytical questions about their techniques and discover how you can apply some of those same strategies. Marketing is not always about being novel; sometimess it’s matter of discovering what already works and adding your own unique spin.”

– Kent Healy | Founder and CEO, The Uncommon Life


“Pin it to win it”

“Launch a site-wide contest that incites Pinterest users to “pin” products related to your business. With every “pin” doubling as an entrance into your generous giveaway or contest, the value you create—along with the fun and excitement that the campaign will generating for your site—will lead to a great deal of inherent marketing and brand awareness.”

– Logan Lenz | Founder / President, Endagon


Introduce personality

“Create boards that feature your employees and give a quick background that lets customers get to know each of them. Post products that you use within your business to get things done, share “behind the scenes” photos at the office and have a board of the places you have traveled to with your business. Be social; make potential customers not only love your brand, but you as well.”

– Ashley Bodi | co-founder, Business Beware


Invite clients to create inspiration boards

“If you’re in a visual field (photographer, designer, etc.), encourage your clients to set up a specific pinboard to collect inspiration around the project you’re working on. The visual inspiration boards will help you to get to know their styles, and you’ll have the added bonus of staying top of mind for referrals or new projects through the day-to-day sharing after the project ends.”

– Allie Siarto | Partner, Director of Analytics, Loudpixel


Celebrate the community

“Pinterest’s real value at this stage is in the vibrant community they’ve brought together, so be thoughtful of the party you’re joining: it’s a visual cult that’s extremely celebratory and fast-paced. Offer something to the community through great content, unique events and active participation. You’ll find a great group there, but it’s not for every brand.”

– Derek Shanahan | Co-Founder, Foodtree



Give fans a plataform

“Every business has evangelists. Find those customers who love Pinterest and ask them to try pinning your products. Their networks extend way beyond your company’s. By offering very little direction, you will learn how an audience thinks your product should be pinned (e.g. lifestyle shots, product shots, etc.).”

– Aaron Schwartz | Founder and CEO, Modify Watches


Decide on a strategy different from other content marketing plataforms

“Each social network and content sharing platform should have a unique angle on your business and space. Pinterest provides a fun way to share links, photos, videos, and more on different pinboards—so decide how you can best utilize this tool to give your audience something different than what you already provide on other networks.”

– Heather Huhman | Founder & President, Come Recommended


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Author : Young Entrepreneur Council

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