Friday Top 10 Tech Reflections

hall of mirrors


Our patience is short, our memory is short, and our time even shorter. The startup hustle makes it impossible to absorb all the great stories, industry news, tips and advice directed our way. Shouldn’t there always be a second chance? Some new companies are too promising to miss, some people so inspiring that we really should see them up close. Some ideas deserve extra attention…



  • Glomads rejoice. You can now feel like you’re in your element no matter where you are in the world, thanks to LikeWhere.
  • The missing link! Sorry, it is Friday after all. Seriously though, sharing links should be fast and easy. Try Linker.
  • Who’s that knocking at the door? Find out without moving, no matter where you are in the world, using Skybell.
  • Everywhere, that’s what is also known as the office to so many of us anymore. Bet you’d like a more comfortable, lightweight work surface that would also extend the life of your electronics. Mobile workers of the world, meet Tablio.



  • No disrespect to Steve Jobs, but there are other entrepreneurs that serve as amazing examples – bringing companies and their unique talents to the communities they live in. Case in point: Devin Walker.
  • Kathryn Minshew covers 3 startup mistakes she’s made. Watch her video and avoid causing yourself the same pain.
  • Nothing is as important as taking care of our families. Who wouldn’t like to ensure that your loved ones are spared grief even after you’re gone? That’s exactly what MyInformationVault lets us do.


A Few More Thoughts

  • No one wants to be included in the failure statistics, which some say include 90% of all startups. Time to move beyond both grim reality and the mantras that would have entrepreneurs embrace failure as a given.
  • Rebranding can be the salvation of your company. Depends on how it’s handled. You probably wouldn’t mind sleeping at night through the process, either. Here’s how it’s done.
  • Breathe! No joke, relaxing is one of the most important things you can do when giving your pitch. Check out 14 tips from the pros.


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