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Friday Top 10 Tech Reflections





Our patience is short, our memory is short, and our time even shorter. The startup hustle makes it impossible to absorb all the great stories, industry news, tips and advice directed our way. Shouldn’t there always be a second chance? Some new companies are too promising to miss, some people so inspiring that we really should see them up close. Some ideas deserve extra attention…




  • If the Indiegogo campaign for Keepod doesn’t inspire you, old computers aren’t the only hardware trapped in a landfill that need refurbishing. Bringing personal computing to 70% of the world population without – Amazing!
  • Have you ever noticed that you have no idea who some of your contacts are, that you’ve lost all context for identifying individuals? Noticed has, and they have a useful solution.
  • There’s no shortage of monkey business on YouTube. Tubed cuts right to the chase.



  • It takes an awful lot of creativity, drive, brilliant thinking, and persistence to drain outsourcing of it’s negative associations. Fortunately, the world has Leila Janah and her incredible company, Samasource.
  • Hot off the Matter accelerator press! Meet 7 startups that may change media for good. (Bravo to KS’s very own Emma for participating with MADE!)
  • Question: What startup witnessed a 1000%, yes 1000%, increase in users in 18 months? Ask Lloyd Barrett. He’ll give you an expert answer.


A Few More Thoughts

  • Entrepreneurs hate to make mistakes. Here are 11 social media mishaps to keep in mind. An here’s an extra: Underestimating the damage that can be done by misusing social media.
  • Speaking of social media… Consider this philosophy: “it’s not about who you are – it’s about what you say.” Smart enough to change the way information is shared? Get in on the Secret.
  • From his own startups to working with corporate giants, Erik Severinghaus has had a chance to experience what works and what doesn’t when trying to grow a business. Don’t miss his 4 lessons on scaling.
  • You wouldn’t go to an interview without knowing your strengths and weaknesses beforehand, would you? Well, why would you ever consider starting a business without an honest self-assessment first? That’s insane. Do yourself a favor and take the “no blame” survey.


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Author : Keith Liles

Keith Liles is a freelance writer who loves travel, music, wine, hiking, poetry, and just about everything. He practices saying "yes" to life vigorously, rehearsing for the phone call when he's asked to tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Follow Keith on Twitter @KPLiles.

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