Friday Tech Top Ten


Hello weekend warriors! I hope you’ve had a productive week filled with checked “to-do” lists and mini dance breaks. I can’t be the only one that busts a move when a late-90’s club hit comes on! Right, I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Friday Tech Top Ten. There have been some pretty sweet stories this week… so here ya go, kids!





1. Top 3 Startup Tips

“While people generally do mean well, their advice often misses the mark. Here are three bits of advice that I’ve received or incorporated that have never led me wrong”


Check out YEC’s Charlie Gilkey’s advice here.


2. CollegeTimes

“Currently in Beta, CollegeTimes is college review site populated with information by students for prospective students. Unlike other corporate backed sites who scrupulously edit entries to leave mostly positive feedback, CollegeTimes leaves the brutally honest reviews written by current college students.”




Check the goodness here.


3. Creative Mobile Marketing

“Question: What’s one creative idea for marketing your business on mobile platforms?”


Check the YEC’s answers here.


4. JukeBox SMS

“So here’s the deal. You customize your own jukebox with the music you want to play on your HD flat screen. Your customers decide what music they want to hear by texting a simple SMS with the song number, or putting in an order on your own mobile web page. After that, you get all the revenue. Boom.”





Check out this awesome platform here.


5. LifeBio

“LifeBio is a website that provides an easy-to-use template that assists older people in getting their life stories down on paper. Once they write an autobiography, customers can choose to keep their autobiography digital or order and receive a leather bound copy of their own life story.”


This is great. Check out my girl Emma’s post here.


6. Attracting The Best Startup Talent On A Budget

“Question: What’s your top tip for recruiting rock-star talent to your brand-new business when salary money is tight?


YEC’s top ‘trep answers here.


7. Marketing With Instagram

“Although it’s just over two years old, Instagram has over 100 million users worldwide, so why not use it to creatively boost your startup brand in a dynamic and meaningful way? “





Find out how you can take those pretty pics and market your biz here.


8. How To Get A Business Loan

“Financing can indeed make or break an ambitious startup and involves, more often than not, borrowing money from external sources. Help is, however, at hand.”


Top tips here.


9. Viral Content Buzz

“With the aim of amplifying great stories to where they’ll keep humming before our eyes and in our ears, arrives Viral Content Buzz.


Another awesome one from my boy Keith here.


10. Increase Customer Conversion Rates

“The beauty of Facebook is its ability to create community and build a solid base of fans who publicly support your product. Customers are coming to learn more about your product, to find out what other people are saying about your product, and then to get support after they’ve made a purchase or signed up for your service.”


Emma hooks you up here.


Weekend Challenge: Click this link and try not to dance.


Happy rump-shakin’ and chill-makin’… whatever that means.


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