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Friday Tech Top 10 – Beta Gold, Engineering Stars, And Internet Secrets

From the cab bed of big rigs, from roots in Harry Potter fandom, from platforms for crowdsourced travel – we have stories and interviews this week with innovators of great variety. And they are on the move! Friends, these entrepreneurs are changing everything from how we conduct business to how elections are run. Hold on as the updraft of genius carries us into the weekend.





1. Beta-Mined – Fund Your Travel

“Fortunately, to find startup gold, I only need to head over to Beta List and shake a few web pages around in the ole brain pan. When something shiny…”


Try not to catch the fever. I dare you.



2. Ten Reasons To Write A Business Plan (Even If You Think You Don’t Need One)

“You can save a lot of time and frustration thinking through the numbers, and making sure it’s possible to hit your revenue and profit goals.”


Because overlooking the basics is in invitation for disaster.



3. Things You Want: Plant Pods [Pick Of The Crowd]

“You know that feeling when you see an object and your brain just goes waaaaaant?”

plant pods


If you don’t already, you soon will. Smart design, a chance to boost health and creativity. Hell yeah!



4. KeepTruckin Gears The Trucking Industry For A Mobile Upgrade

“While growing startups like to dream of the company being around for the long haul, none do so quite like KeepTruckin.”


Innovation where we’re not used to looking. Brilliant.



5. Five Copywriting Tips For Small Businesses

“Web pages which have well-written copy will attract more visitors, retain their attention and result in higher conversion rates.”


It shouldn’t take any more convincing to check this one out.


6. Anatomy of Success: Harper Reed

“Bundle up as we venture into the heartland, the Windy City, on the heels of the polar vortex, and we encounter the other force to be reckoned with that is Harper Reed.”


HRScreen shot 2014-01-08 at 2


You can’t make diamonds without pressure.



7. Phil Laboon – Developing Online Presence & Credibility

“From my experiences, most of the time partners just hold you back and create more problems than they solve.”


Now, that’s not what you’re used to hearing, right?



8. Seven Steps For Building A Successful Sales Process

“For tech entrepreneurs without sales experience, here’s how you build a sales process for your startup from the ground up.”


Steli Efti details a killer plan.



9. LaborVoices: Where Startups And Progress Meet

“Mobile phones are now accessible to a growing majority of the world’s population, and could be the key to solving some of the biggest problems associated with the clothing industry’s global supply chains.”



They make the clothes we dress in. About time we address the messes they work in.



10. Emerson Spartz Has Unlocked The Secrets Of Internet Virality – And He Has Shared Them With Us

“How can you make your site spread so fast that your servers can’t even handle the uptick in traffic? While most of us flail around trying to answer that question, Emerson Spartz has it all figured out.”


And he already had a good handle on creating a hit when he was 12!



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Author : Keith Liles

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