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Find Out Just How Easy Follow-Up Can Be




It’s disappointing to invest a large amount of money and energy into generating new sales leads, only to find out they’ve been slipping through the cracks because of a lack of follow-up, or a follow-up process that isn’t working.


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In fact, many companies don’t follow up with their prospects, or even clients, despite having spent time and money to find them, and even though they know follow-up is crucial when it comes to turning leads into sales.


So I have an important question for you: Do you have a process already in place for follow-up that will convert leads into sales because you know what to say, and have proof it will work?


Before you start creating your follow-up process, you need to recognize and understand the overarching goal: Becoming the preferred provider of your product or service with clients and prospects who want your business, despite all other factors.


To reach this goal, you need to accomplish a few things:

  1. Get prospects and clients to know, like and trust you.
  2. Clearly and compellingly make a great offer.
  3. Overcome objections and offer proof.


The follow-up system you create will play a huge role in reaching these goals, and ONTRAPORT is going to make it easy for you to do. The Follow-up Made Easy workbook will assist you in establishing a follow-up process that you can implement right away.


Download your free Follow-up Made Easy guide. After downloading your guide, get started on the short exercises to begin creating your ultimate follow-up. Rest assured, ONTRAPORT is here to guide you through it!



Based in Santa Barbara, CA, ONTRAPORT is an all-in-one small business management platform that integrates all the software tools an entrepreneur needs to start, systemize and scale his or her business. Instead of having to learn and manage a bunch of complicated and disconnected business tools, ONTRAPORT makes it easy to set up and automate processes across the business and, when coupled with our expert implementation, done-for-you services and personalized customer support, empowers our clients to focus on building a business they love. For more information, visit


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