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Top 10 Responses To Facebook Malfunction

Did it happen on Sunday, Monday morning, or both? Did it last for an hour, five hours? Has our world survived? Is it changed permanently? Already the stuff of legend, what we can be certain of is that for a brief moment in time, there was a Facebook malfunction. Some couldn’t update their status. Others couldn’t like, comment, or share. Some had no access to their account at all.



First the shutdown in Washington and now this. What is going on in the world? Should Facebook glitches be taken as nothing serious or as a sign that end times are at hand?Regardless if you believe this event should have caused pandemonium or not even elicited a yawn, The social network is so ingrained in our culture that we must ask ourselves how we should react when it is no longer with us. Here are the 10 best responses to the disruption earlier Monday (just in case the disturbance becomes a repeat threat to order as we know it):



Gold top 10 winner


1.Take Up Philosophy

If a person falls while Facebook is down and no one is there to comment or share…


2. Declare a Social Media Marketing “Snow Day”

So, money was lost. Isn’t it more important that we find ways to have adult versions of snow days?


3. Read

No joke. Read something, anything. It’s healthy for the mind, business, society. Here’s what the brilliant Neil Gaiman has to say about the benefit of words: Check it out.


4. Practice Patience

Breath deep… Are you kidding? F!@#$%*& Facebook!






5. Facebook Was Down?

We need the people that feel this way too


6. Sign Up For Healthcare

Hey, there are options now! (with a few glitches of their own apparently) But if you’ve been left out in the cold beforehand, you can find healthcare at


7. Listen to Pearl Jam

Check out the band’s new album, Lightning Bolt! And get ready for the World Series. The fall classic will feature the rockers’ music. Remember how to fill time with the things YOU enjoy.


8. Start a Business

Yes, start your business. In an hour? For less than a hundred dollars? Do it before the distractions resume. Google “start a company in under an hour” and you’ll fine tools to make it happen.


businessScreen shot 2013-10-21 at 4


9. Rant About Facebook on Twitter






10. Document the Madness

Where were you when it happened? What were you doing? How does technology make you feel when you rely on it for a living and it doesn’t work. You’ll want to share this valuable information as soon as the blue and white screen is back in action.






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