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Are Lessons Learned As An Entrepreneur More Valuable Than A University Education?

Matt Langan recently celebrated his one-year anniversary of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. A former Washington and Lee University student and analyst for a successful company in the insurance industry, he concludes that his one year being an entrepreneur has taught him more than either of these experiences combined.



Matt strongly believes this past year alone taught him more valuable skills on his own than what he learned from business executives and professors over many months. What’s more, he suspects this conclusion is not uncommon for many others who have gone ahead and taken the plunge into the entrepreneurial world.


Two Key Factors To “Set Learning On Fire”

Matt concludes that two key factors dramatically increase your brain’s appetite for learning.


These are:

1) When learning is a matter of survival
2) When you really WANT to learn because you love what you’re learning about or what it empowers you to do


One can learn an incredible amount when even only one factor is satisfied. But with both these factors combined, the need and hunger for learning come together and give limitless potential.



He gives this scenario… imagine an entrepreneur starting a business in an industry they are crazy about while solving a dilemma they have personally experienced. This type of situation encompasses both previously mentioned factors: 1) The entrepreneur must learn in order to survive and ‘bring home the bacon,’ and 2) he or she wants to know how to solve a problem which has personally affected them through building and promoting their product or service.



Matt feels that this describes his past year perfectly. If one does not crave learning, perhaps it is because they are not focusing on something they enjoy or feel can solve a problem. For Matt, “a sound indicator of a life well lived is one that entices an insatiable appetite for learning.” He concludes that this is one of the most important lessons his first entrepreneurial year has taught him, and encourages others to find and integrate that need and desire to learn into their lives.


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Author : Giselle Bello

Giselle enjoys writing, traveling, and reading. She is a graduate student in public policy.

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