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10 Perks Employees Love

What’s one important perk — it doesn’t need to be fancy — that your employees love?



1. Concert Tickets

“It takes only a little bit of listening to hear what show everyone wants to see. So set your alarm for when the tickets go on sale, get some good seats and pass them out. It’s even more powerful than raw cash because it’s discretionary income they may not want to spend, and you listened to what makes them tick.”

MICHAEL PORTMAN, Birds Barbershop



2. Birthday Cakes

“In addition to standard perks such as a foosball table, flex hours and weekly lunches, we get an ice cream cake for each team member’s birthday. We want to show everyone that we care about them as people, and milestones in their lives are as important as milestones for the company. Although, having three birthdays in the second week of January leads to quite a bit of cake consumption!”




3. Coca-Cola

“We’re all driven by caffeine, and so in addition to the Keurig coffee maker, there is a fridge stocked to the brim with assorted soft drinks (all zero calorie) in a dozen flavors for our staff to enjoy. It’s not expensive, and it goes a long way toward showing them we want their time at work to be comfortable.”




4. Free Tutoring

“We offer 52 hours per year of free tutoring for our employees. Even our team members without children have enjoyed it and learned guitar or a foreign language. When your team uses your product or service, you’ll get incredible feedback and insight into what you can do better. Getting your product into the hands of your team is critical for any company focused on process improvement.”

CHUCK COHN, Varsity Tutors



5. Good Food

“Employees appreciate being fed. Not just any old food either — good food that is made well. When you feed your employees well, you convey that they deserve to be fueled with the best so that they can continue to produce at their optimum level.”




6. Spotify Premium

“We all love to work with music, and it’s tiresome to listen to ads or too much of the same thing. Spotify Premium solves that problem and makes it easy to enjoy long musical sessions that help employees power positively through the day.”

HENRY GLUCROFT, Henry’s / Airdrop



7. Rewards From Our Own Platform

“At Brandbuddee, we reward people to discover and share brands. Naturally, we get access to a lot of perks from the brands we work with, including free cruise trips, movie tickets and more. Our team members love being able to access this steady pool of rewards.”

ANDY KARUZA, Brandbuddee



8. Our Environment

“Our employees love the “work hard, play hard” environment. Each and every employee puts forth everything he has to keep our clients happy. We also know how to have a good time! With our recent relocation, our new office embodies energy, fun and team spirit. We have a recreational room and small meeting spaces tailored to our employees based on their feedback, which includes a popcorn machine.”




9. Lunch and Happy Hour

“We have company lunches every two weeks at nice restaurant and a happy hour at a bar. It’s simple, but people love free food and free drinks.”

ANDREW ANGUS, Switch Video



10. Standing Desks

“Most of our employees have convertible standing desks from GeekDesk. This promotes a healthier working environment, a more social work atmosphere and looks extremely cool.”




Article originally published by StartupCollective. Syndicated on with permission.


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Author : Young Entrepreneur Council

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