6 Email Newsletter Blunders To Avoid

by Charles Mburugu


Nowadays, many companies and organizations are using email newsletters to share information with their customers. Emails can especially be a very effective tool for promoting products and services. However, not every email marketing campaign is successful. Here are some of the top email newsletter mistakes you need to look out for.



1. Failing to deliver value

Your email newsletters need to offer some value to the recipients. This could be in terms of humor, actionable information, entertainment or revelation. Newsletters which offer value are likely to be forwarded to others and shared on social media. However, those that offer little or no value are likely to be deleted and eventually lead to high bounce and unsubscription rates. To offer value, you should first take time to understand the needs and expectations of your audience.


2. Not monitoring

If you don’t keep track of the performance of your email newsletters, you will never know if your campaign is working or not. Most email service providers offer free analytic tools than can monitor different aspects of your email marketing campaign. Some of the metrics you need to check include open rate, forward rate, click through rate, social shares, complaint rate and unsubscribe rate.


3. Poorly written content

Well written content is very important for successful email marketing. If the content is poorly written, your recipients might get put off and stop reading your emails after the first few lines. Worse still, they may decide to unsubscribe altogether from the mailing list. Therefore, before clicking on the send button, take time to read and re-read your content. Correct all the spelling and grammatical mistakes. Make sure your subject line is compelling enough. In addition, check that all the facts mentioned in your email are accurate. Before sending the email to your entire mailing list, it would be advisable to first send it to a few friends or colleagues. Their feedback will help you identify some mistakes that you might have overlooked.


4. Not having clear goals

Before you begin sending out newsletters, you need to have a good idea of what you want to achieve. This could be:


If you don’t have clear, measurable goals, you will not be able to know if your email marketing campaign is a success. It is therefore very important to have well defined goals from the onset.


5. Failing to engage your audience

Your emails should contain content which recipients would want to read, discuss and share. Therefore, you need to find ways of making your emails more relevant and engaging. Some of the techniques which can improve engagement include:


6. Too much outright selling

Don’t make the mistake of continually bombarding your recipients with ‘Buy Now’ messages. This will only put them off and lower their chances of buying anything from you. The main aim of your emails should be to inform, educate and inspire your readers. This should be a long term strategy aiming at building relationships and winning the trust of your customers and prospects. When you ask for anything, don’t do it in an outright manner. Be as creative and as subtle as possible.



Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger who likes sharing tips about internet marketing and ecommerce. Currently, he is writing for Platinum Freight.


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