3 Ways To Discover Your Passion

by Dean Bocari


There’s no feeling like knowing that one big thing of ours that gets us up early in the morning and has us up late at night. It’s part of that zest of life that everyone needs to experience, both personally and professionally, and it’s called Passion.


Unfortunately, most people aren’t living as passionately as they’re truly capable of. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. These days we’re bombarded with more options than ever before, and we’ve interrupted by digital distractions that pull our focus in every direction besides the most important direction – within.


Use these 3 simple tips to look within and discover what’s most important to the person that matters most – you. And while you’re at it, find an intersection between what you love and what you can get paid for so that you can truly design a life worth living.



Let’s get started, shall we?


1. Be passionate about everything you do.

Are you the type of person that cleans around the appliances on your countertop, or the type that moves the toaster to wipe up the crumbs underneath it as well?


If you drop a piece of trash and no one saw you do it – will you pick it up and throw it away? This stuff might seem like no big deal, but in all actuality, it’s a much bigger deal than you think.


People are creatures of habit. If you neglect to give it your all one time, then it’ll be easier to be just as careless the next time. Conversely, if you commit to doing your best no matter what – your chances of success and happiness increase exponentially, and your chances of finding your passion do as well.


Infuse all that you do with enthusiasm, vigor, and passion.


2. Notice what you’re naturally drawn towards.

Which websites do you have bookmarked? Which books do you buy? What are the last three shows, movies, or videos on your Netflix ‘recently watched’ list?


What do people ask you to do because you’re “so good at” doing it? Becoming aware of the things you have a natural tendency to gravitate towards could be your next big business idea that blurs the line between work and play.



3. Solve a problem.

What do you absolutely, positively, from the bottom of your heart and the depths of your soul …hate? Because your big passion-fueled business might be disguised underneath your hatred for something.


For example: let’s say you have tons of food allergies and every time you go out to eat pizza with your friends you suffer from a severe allergy attack (even if they tell you it’s safe). What’s worse, the healthy allergen-free pizza sucks. It tastes bland and you’re sick of it.


One day you decide to do something about it by making your own allergen-free safe-to-eat pizza. You’re determined to show these wannabe pizza joints how to make a healthy pizza. So you work really hard to prove your point.


You gather up all the best ingredients: dairy-free soy cheese, gluten-free pizza crust, preservative-free toppings, and everything else you need in order to make an awesome (and allergen-free) pizza.


After a couple of hours in the kitchen, you pull the finished product out of the oven… And it actually tastes good! Really good!

Fast forward 9 or 10 months down the line and before you know it you’ve got a lucrative allergen-free pizza chain on your hands. Congrats!


Quick Recap

1. Be passionate about everything that you do.

2. Notice what you’re naturally drawn towards.

3. Solve a problem.



This article was originally published on The Passion Press.


Dean Bocari is the Publisher of, an online magazine that helps modern entrepreneurs build businesses around their passions. He is also an Author, WebTV Host, and self-proclaimed PASSION-Preneur™.


“I’m the guy that’ll challenge you to stop and think. To live your passion. To do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.” – Dean Bocari


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