The Most Important Features To Include When Developing A Mobile Site



What is the maximum amount of time the mobile version of your site must load in order for the user to become a buyer? According to Google, the answer is 5 seconds. Yes, 5 seconds.


With so many users accessing sites in addition to apps via their mobile devices, it’s no surprise that users are interested in seeing such quick load times. The number of users reporting issues with mobile versions of sites is significant, at 96%, so if you’re startup hasn’t already begun developing a mobile site, it’s time to start that process.





The Basics Of A Mobile Site

In addition to fast loading times, consumers are also reporting the desire for


  • Minimal Content
  • Search Features
  • Bigger Buttons and Text
  • Directions, Contact Information, Email Addresses, Product Data, Phone Number
  • Simplified Forms


The key here is that simple is better. Minimalism certainly has its place and from what consumers are expressing, less is more when it comes to mobile sites. Users essentially want to arrive at your site and with little or no pinching or scrolling. They also want to have access to what they are looking for in just one or two clicks. A search feature should also available in case they don’t see what they’re looking for at first glance.


Additional Details

Another important element to include on your mobile site is a link to your social network presence. Have a Facebook page you update and use to converse with your users or customers? Link it. Have a Twitter account where you’re regularly posting interesting and relevant content regarding your product or startup? Link it.


How about video clips? Have any that highlight your product? You should also link to those two on your site. Users want a simple interface whereby they can click, go deeper into your product and startup, without being overwhelmed by navigation.





As we know that customer service or attention is key to the getting and retaining your users, then should listen up to those features. What will a potential customer do if they don’t find the features they’re looking for on your site? You guessed it – they’ll look elsewhere. It’s a classic classic case of walking away because of dissatisfaction. Worse, your reputation will be damaged and if that’s spread then it could prove bad news for you in the long run.


What does that mean? If you haven’t yet, get started on that killer mobile site before it’s too late.


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