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Top Tips For Cutting Call Center Call Termination Costs



by Debbie Allen


In today’s world of virtual businesses and the era of customer service, more and more companies are setting up call centers. This is an office designed explicitly for the purpose of making and receiving the company’s customer service and support calls. In many cases, the call center is not always located where the business is based. In fact, it can be located thousands of miles away.




And like everything other aspect of business, call centers can be quite expensive to maintain and operate. Not only does the company have to be concerned with hiring customer representatives, but also, there can be huge costs related to the equipment involved and the monthly charges incurred. That’s why most businesses turn to voice termination.


About Termination

Call termination, also known as voice termination, refers to a voice call that flows from end to end; it is fully completed or terminated. VoIP processes have made calling more efficient, faster, and cheaper than ever before.


VoIP Providers

VoIP call termination providers are responsible for making it possible for two parties to communicate. They must ensure certain data is converted into voice in order for that to happen.


Providers charge users fees for these services. This is how they make profits.


Tiers of Providers

Call termination providers can be separated into different classifications or tiers. The first or top tier is the provider that owns a network. This provider has registration and other rights. Providers on the second tier lease the registration from the top tier provider. Under the second tier are other providers that lease registration and other benefits as well as wholesale termination providers and resellers.


About Wholesale Termination

Wholesale termination offers huge savings for call centers. It works like this; if a company has a business in the United States but is based in another country, like India, customers will dial the US number, but the calls will be routed to India.



The digital signals are compressed during transportation. This makes it possible for large volumes of calls to be carried through at very low costs. Calls are transmitted in bulk. When the digital data reaches its destination, the data is reassembled into voice sound. Wholesale termination includes carrying the call on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).



Obviously, wholesale termination is a great way to cut the costs of call center termination expenses. At the same time, it can help ensure the calls will be clear and they will be completed as dialed. Plus, the process will be efficient and fast.


Overall wholesale termination is ideal for call centers with a great volume of inbound, outbound, or blended calls, especially if those calls are international, and for businesses that experience high volumes of calls or lengthy calls.


Before Choosing a Provider

Before choosing a wholesale termination provider, it is wise to consider the options available and to do a little online research. Check customer reviews to discover information about company reputations. After doing some comparison shopping, you should consider your own preferences as well as product features and the price. The right termination service can help your call center save money and be more successful.


Please share any tips you have for finding a quality termination service provider.


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