CRM Solutions For Solo Entrepreneurs


If you just established your business and you are the sole proprietor congratulations. The relationship your forge as an entrepreneur can help you grow and survive economic downturns. If you are a solo entrepreneur these relationships become more vital. CRM or Computer Relationship Management is software you can use to effectively communicate with your customers and prospects about the products your company offers.


Automating The Sales Process


Automating your sales process will help you efficiently leverage your business so you can integrate your sales operation to meet the demands of your customers. CRM is able to create an intuitive database of your customer’s history enabling you to take a proactive and strategic approach based on past and current sales trends. Understanding and learning about your customer’s needs and behavior will help grow the relationship between you and your customers.


Personalized Attention


As a solo entrepreneur you can not compete with big business but personalized attention can give you an advantage. CRM will help you manage the need of each customer by keeping track of their purchases, meetings, calls, complaints and even their birthdays.  Notification systems for payments, contract expirations and reminders help your customers stay current. You can access or update the data with graphs, charts and reports to offer this personalized attention to your customer.



Managing Time


If you don’t have a large staff you have to manage your time more effectively to improve your performance. You can use CRM to manage your workload in a pre-defined process to create tasks automatically. This information can be streamlined for statistical analysis to determine total calls, meetings, profitability, and closings of a deal. Giving you the means to spend the right amount of time with your customers based on their needs.




Collaboration with your customers is critical when you are a solo entrepreneur. You have to use every asset at your disposal to make your more efficient.  Once you build your database of all your customers CRM can implement an effective data exchange system with data gap and loss prevention.  This collaboration can be synchronized and you can supervise any activity by both parties. You can control the level of collaboration based on the relationship you have with your customers. This collaboration effort can be connected with conversation on social networks to provide superior customer service.

Leads And Progress


You can set up your website with forms that can be linked with a CRM form. Each completed form will be part of your CRM database of potential leads. Based on these leads and other sales efforts you can create a progress chart to see which attempts are working. This allows your company to reach the right market for the goods you provide and stay competitive in your sector.


Just like other products you get what you pay for when you buy CRM software. You will find many companies offering this software and as a solo entrepreneur you have to make sure you get what you need for the size of your company.


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