Credit Card Merchant Alternatives: Evaluating Options


The number of credit card transactions and volume of dollars coming in as the result of these transactions has steadily risen over the last few decades. As credit card transactions increase, processing technologies have, too. This natural progression makes it easier for the consumer to make quick, convenient purchases. It can also make it easier for businesspeople to increase their profit and sales if their ability to process credit card transactions grows along with the demand and technology.


When it comes to processing credit cards, the ideal option for a business depends on that particular company’s needs. What works well for one business might be too much or insufficient for the next.


Read on to learn about some of the available credit card merchant alternatives and what they have to offer small businesses.



Credit card merchant alternatives allow business owners to process payments through their smartphones or anywhere there’s internet access.

Learn More About Credit Card Merchant Options

1. Intuit

As an established provider of tax, accounting, and payment services, Intuit knows that there’s no cookie-cutter solution for all businesses needing a credit card payment processing service. In addition to offering service options, Intuit feels that an educated customer can make better decisions regarding the ideal service. To that end, tutorials, customer service, and news regarding the latest develops are things Intuit offers consistently.


2. PayPal

Whether a businessperson has a low or high volume of credit card payments each month, PayPal offers a convenient way to process transactions without committing to a long-term contract. Similar to Intuit, PayPal offers a card reader or mobile app for transactions made away from the office or website.


3. Square

Regardless of the size of the business, any business owner who wants to try a credit card processing service without committing to a merchant account can use Square. This service offers the option of paying monthly or for each transaction. It’s a convenient, no-commitment alternative for those who’re tentative about how this type of service will work for them, and whether or not it will be worth it.


4. WePay

Those wanting or needing to get started with a credit card payment processing service as soon as possible can start with WePay for free and process the first transaction within minutes. Payments can be processed anywhere there’s internet access, and business owners pay per transaction.



Quick credit card payment processing helps business owners have faster access to funds.


Evaluate Which One Is Best

A small business that’s in growth mode will need a credit card transaction processing service that can grow right along with it. The best option to begin with is likely to be a service that allows the business owner to try before buying with a trial period or no contract. Using the credit card processing service, software, and app is really the only way to know for sure if the right choice has been made.


Ultimately, customers should have a smooth, stress-free buying experience, and business owners should be able to process transactions, access funds, and view their activity without having to jump through any hoops.


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